I see or hear the word beauty and I immediately think of the song by Dru Hill.  I also think of my friend who calls her closest girls that…but, what I think of when I see or hear the word…is how UN-beautiful a lot of beauty is.

Beauty’s standards are screwed up…we all know that. One of my girls and I were discussing the light-skin/dark-skin issue that a lot of us Black folks grow up with. Complexes of skin complexions…ridiculous. It’s sad to recount the obsessions that some of us had with either feeling not light enough or dark enough.

Then there’s those of us who either feel not tall enough or skinny enough or not big enough. Brown-eyed folks wanting to be blue-eyed…thin-haired folks wanting thicker hair.

“I wish I had long nails…”
“I wish I had perfect teeth…”
“I wish I had a booty…”
“I wish I had bigger breasts…”
“I wish I looked like her/him…”

Well, I wish we thought that we were beautiful as is. I wish that we thought fat thighs and nappy hair and short stature and uneven skin tones and big feet and thick noses…was beautiful.

I wish that we saw the world in it’s amazing proportions,  multi-hued humans, it’s crystal clear to midnight blue seas, epic mountains and volcanoes and dainty flowers and shrubs…

it’s heaviest animals to it’s almost-not-there insects, it’s musical sounds of nature, deafening sounds of war…and the eerie sound of “peace” in the aftermath…

If we could only see the beauty…in the differences and the trials and the triumphs and grasp the enormity of how blessed we are TO be ABLE to see at ALL is beautiful!

To be able to see in color…to bask in the gradient grays of a dark day and then see the rainbow on a bright one…is a gift from God.

I don’t wish to be thinner, have a booty, long straight hair, light eyes or even dimples (which I used to want as a kid)…as much as I wish to be able to see the beauty in life…every single day.

Snapshot #12: Beautiful

Photo of: Beautiful

This is a pic of the eyeshadow that I was sent by my girl Tina of Kozmik Xxplosion Body & Beauty.

What is beautiful about this is not just the gorgeous blue-green metallic color it provides, perfectly offsetting my yellow undertones…

…but, also that she’s living her passion. That is always beautiful. I took a pic with it on…and honestly MY camera does it no justice. It POPS and I felt very glam in it. Watch out soon for a blog featuring her products. Until then, tip-tap on that link up there for her product and see what she’s offering…if you love all natural products, SHE is your girl!

I felt “beautiful”

I’m Beautifully Versatile…OW!

The lazy bean blogger I’ve been…I haven’t rightfully and officially claimed the awards granted me, by Champ one of my fave Twitter constituents. He awarded both to me over a week ago and I never got around to accepting. THANK YOU, Champ for considering me for both. I very much appreciate that you see me as either and I also thank you for your support to my blogs.

I am supposed to list 7 Random Facts about myself…sooooo…here it goes!

~I have a tendency to draw cats and babies. Both tend to lock eyes with me when seeing me in the street. Strange babies always want to wave and smile…and if they can talk they say hi immediately (sometimes even to the shock of their own parents). Cats will follow me all the way to their “invisible leash” on the block. I even meow, getting a meow in return 🙂

~I love to cook…and moderately love to eat…but, I prefer meatless meals. I often give my portion away at restaurants and will enjoy a meatless pasta dish quicker than one with meat included. I however DO have my moments when meat is the sole proprietor of my plate. lol

~I am weird. Some call me crazy (the fuckas) and for the more politically correct…I SEE shit. I love when people sleep on me. I love that folks think me gullible and naive. I see far more than anyone’s mouth can confess…so be careful what you hide from me…that hidden detail sticks out like a sore thumb.

~I’m in love with butterflies…it’s been that way since elementary school. YET, I secretly want to be a dolphin 🙂

~I’m mean. Yep. The kween is MEAN! I am sweet…but my spice is HABENERO hot. My tongue is legendarily sharp. I just so happen to know how to keep it bridled. *nodding like a true master*

~I am weak for one person in this world…my mom. Fuck with her…and it’s a wrap.

~I’ve been in love once in my 37 years…and it was with someone I never got to touch. Greatest lesson I’ve learned to date about love.

Champ picked 5 bloggers for each award…I’m going to pick 5 in total:

Butterfly Effect
Caprice Starbrite
Mr. Controversy

~beautiful by kween standards~

My lovely friend…Lamoi aka “Ms. Rubies” listed some of her beautiful places. I promised that I, too would list mine.  In this moment in time…my beautiful moments are few and far between, captured in stills and lyrics. Always in the recesses though…lies beautiful places, things, people…emotions. Here are a few of mine…
In the pic above…is a picture of the Pacific Ocean taken by my friend Chuck while in Cali for a Jets game…it is now my wallpaper…
Hawaii…my dream vacay
My room…when music is playing and I’m singing and swaying…
Both grandma’s houses…those ladies are the best!
The moment in time when his voice made my soul swim in anxious laps…
My backyard…during sunsets, sunrises, the 4th, and days when God’s sky is showing out (my backyard overlooks mountains and a river)

My new job…it’s the beginning of beautiful things…
Any room when my mom, sis and I are laughing and enjoying each other’s company…
The movies…screw bootleg and online…a TRUE movie buff loves the theater experience of the lights dimming, the previews, the credits and ALL…even the price. lol
My book…me knee deep, mind clicking, story churning and coming alive at my finger tips…
In the arms of a precocious, bubbly 2 1/2 yr old. Laughing, playing and him pretending not to get what I’m saying. ::Hi, Syre::

A song…written by him…most likely not meant for me exclusively…yet…it’s still my favorite.
My heart…the most beautiful place of all…


Ok, this is PURELY a kudos blog to my niece Kasey!

Yesterday she graduated 5th grade and with HONORS! She know the president yall…ok, maybe she don’t KNOW that fool…but, she received a letter and pin from that asshole. If there’s nothing else he could do, it would be for him to make some really deserving children of the country feel appreciated for excelling and working hard all year.

This was not the only highlight of her day. She put on her dress and her shoes and walked out the house all bootyful and what not…but, she FELT it…and that’s the beauty in her beauty. That she recognized it. It is hard enough to get young girls at the tender age of 11 where they’re impressionable and susceptible to the pressure of fitting in, to see their worth…but, try telling that to our model-esque Kasey and you’d understand. She even got her ears pierced to top off the feeling she was having.

I’ve never laid eyes on her. Yet, to me, she’s a rare bird. One of those beautiful full-winged birds whose wingspan is record-breaking and whose stature dwarfs normal-sized birdies. Yet, who has the sweetest spirits and at the same time wields a mean peck when fucked with. One who can sing the prettiest birdsong and then can bust ya eardrums with a sorrowful wail. She’s our beautiful swan…the difference with her and normal swans…is she was never an ugly duckling. She’s a rare bird b/c she’s been beautiful and full-grown since birth. I cant wait to meet her.