I shoulda just f*@ked you

we was vibing

kicking that cool breeze shit

feeling that ooh wee shit

high off an ethereal feeling of

all that jazz we scatted

making beautiful music shit

your voice…the trigger to my smile

and the flips that got my center riled

all good but too good

hadn’t happened in a while

coulda sat me on a cloud

propelled by a wisp of breath

the way I
spent hours

or was it minutes

envisioning me on your chest

taking you in

your vapor
invading my sense

sinking into the comfort

of being sent

shit…damn me

I had these ideas
that morphed
the feeling of being cool

to feeling like love’s fool
a burning yen to get swept up

off the hunger we kept up

greedy for time

more time

text dimes

shit…we chimed

but I shoulda just f*@ed you

but no…

I had to go and like yo ass

see past the differences we had


I got high off the shit we shared

and how when no one else cared

we gave a damn

everyday ways faded like close shaves

us flowing like 360 waves

mellowed from some old school shit

stepped up for today

us in the present

making connections
with sighed inflections
that we could
if we wanted
be what we wanted

but, shit…

I shoulda just f*@ed you

cuz at least
if I’d just said
in my head
girl…he not ready

he’ll never hold steady
you’re seeing what you like

daydreaming at night

thinking…damn, he aight

so why am I thinking of him
like he got the right?

we bonding, but its not unique…

or is it?


and these fleeting flights of fancy

bout a boy

romancing a woman like me

getting past his own shit

to be what a man should be

I shoulda just f*@ed you…

that way,
I could get that temp fix of flesh
with the momentary belief that we mesh

long enough to breathe you in

with a little sin

we’d get it in

hard and fast
too fast for lust to leave
and love to last

and I could boot that ass

and send you home

so, you wouldn’t be living in my heart

I shoulda just f*@ed you