Ahh, The Single Life

Ladies…well, SINGLE ladies…tell me something…

Tell me what it is that you cherish about your single lifestyle.

Everyone knows that when you’re a couple…you adapt and compromise your spatial habits. You choose a “side” of the bed. You alternate shower times (save for the showers together). You share groceries, learning to leave what they like and vice versa.

The toothpaste dilemma…squeeze at the bottom or in the middle?
Who takes out the garbage?
Does the dishes?
The cooking?

Those are some basic shared living experiences (or in some cases…visitation etiquette for those who refuse to shack up)…but, what about…

~farting passing gas/pooping…free to be stank. lmao
~enjoying a day off…no comb in sight
~eating garlicky food and not worrying that someone wants a kiss
~wearing mis-matched, somewhat frumpy clothing on leisure days

I mean, let’s face it…when you’re single…outside of a daily shower and a gargle, a day off can mean naps or a disheveled weave…combined with some eye gunk from interim snoozes between TV/movie/Internet action…you don’t have to do anything.

Sure, I maintain ME without a man around for my own personal pleasure…but, some days you just wanna say “Bump a shave…” LOL

Ladies…tell me what it is that you miss about being single when you’re coupled up. I can give you a Santa’s scrolled list of shit I miss about being in a couple…but, like “they” say, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone…” Perhaps, I’ll cherish this alone time until/if God brings my king…