Word 12: Baby


I got a good personal giggle off of this word just now…hehe! anyway…

I was a baby once in this lifetime,
rarely anyone’s baby
babied a few
some were mine

Always wanted one
it never happened
so I became
“the mother of the universe”
(an ex called me that)

baby, babies, babied, babe, bae…

love, bundles, blessings, miracles, sweetness…

The Twelfth Day…

perfect I shoulda never met’cho ass face. lol

…a day you wish you could do differently

I don’t think I can narrow it down to one day. There are several…bare with me as I finger through the pages of my mistakes.

~ I wish I could’ve stayed in school…

~ I wish I’d waited to lose my virginity…

~ I vacillate between whether or not I should’ve left home at 21 with my ex. I learned so much and have become who I am in part to that experience…but, I wonder if I should’ve stayed home.

~ I shouldn’t have deleted my ex-friend. I probably should’ve backed away and not given in to my hurt and anger.

~ Probably should’ve left that last relationship SOONER. Won’t say I wish he never came into my life, but I could’ve exited a little earlier into the fuckery…

I don’t regret much…and honestly I can’t say I regret ALL of the above actions. I believe I wonder more so, what could’ve happened “had I done things differently”. I am certain that each event led to a lesson learned that has benefited me spiritually.

I think it’s the politically correct (and egotistical) response to say, “I regret nothing”. There’s at least ONE thing we wished didn’t happen to us and would have loved to have missed us when struggle and hardship was being passed out. There’s a difference between feeling blessed PAST the struggle and feeling impervious to human frailty…such as regret and bittersweet nostalgia.

Hey, it’s my opinion. If you think you can live this life without a tinge of regret tickling your memory…so be it. Glad for ya.

I’m out y’all…see you on Day 13.

12~ It’s In The Stars

Do you believe in zodiac compatibility? Who is your best match from experience? You worst?

I am a Capricorn. I have Aquarius Rising. I have a Pisces Moon. I have Sagittarius in both my Love (Venus) and Sex/Aggression (Mars) planets. I believe that having my major influences in ALL elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire, respectively) that it makes me a very even-keeled person. I can lose it when I’m pushed to my limits. That fire will burn your ass. I can get kinda cold too, Capricorns can be some icy mofos…but, I’m sure my Pisces Moon influences my artistry, my psychic connection and ability to see the rosy side of things. That Aquarius, with it’s genius flashes and “weirdo” outlook is me all day…so I’m accounted for in each position. Having said that…

Yes, I do believe in Zodiac compatibility, lol…
From experience…none of them mofos I’ve been with…lol
Every one I’ve had has been the worst match…lmao

Okay seriously. I will say that I had the most passion/chemistry with an Aries and a Gemini. Up close and personal? I’ve had an Aries man snatch my clothes off with one hand. *woooo* I’ve also had a Gemini (that 1st damn love) make it HOT. ::fanning:: The only thing about BOTH of them is that they’re HUMONGOUS flirts…and that potentially makes their attention spans short. In other words…cheaters. Not ALL, but MINE.

I lived with a Virgo and sexed one. If I can help it…no to both again. Virgo men are too passive for me or too aggressive. It’s like either they have NO backbone…or are crazy as fuck. MY experience. Sex with either was mediocre at best. *yawns*

I sexed a Pisces…and other than his ability to, as I like to say fondly…”lick my rice bowl clean”…his stroke left a little to be desired. I felt like he got too overzealous and missed the mark on how to let it do what it do. This is MY Pisces experience, not everyone’s. He also wanted to cling and claim in a casual situation. Often trying to force us into a love thing, when he couldn’t even quit cussing long enough to say anything nice. Perhaps I liked that…I didn’t want anything else and we all know that most highly passionate situations can lead to equally passionate sex. The latter…not so much.

I’ve dabbled in the dynamic of a Libra (attracted yes, a match…no. Too self-involved)
Also, I had an Aquarius boyfriend in HS…he was cool, but a playa.
Taurus are not my cup of tea. I’ve had a little chemistry with one…but we’re better as friends.

I actually believe that I’ll be most compatible with an Air or Fire sign. I love the aggression…but in it’s PLACE! I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m for damn sure that he’s got my best interest at heart and I require that correction. I don’t mind taking a lil direction…but, I won’t be dominated completely. There’s a dominatrix deep in me that rebels…call it my Capricorn nature 😉

*singing* “Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer…ooooh

Dia Doce~ Something I Never Get Compliments On

I don’t know.

I wanted to say, my looks…but that’s not true. People DO tell me that I’m very cute, pretty, beautiful…and even the occasional gorgeous.

I think dudes say I’m sexy…sometimes. lol

I’ve already covered the smarts…
People say I’m nice…
A good person…
yadda yadda…

OH…I got it!

I never get told…”Kali, you’re shape is FIYAH!” lmao I’m just sayin’ y’all…it’s true. No one appreciates the rolls, flat booty and thunder thighs (well…a few have appreciated the thighs…but, IJS) lmao…the booty…well, that changes in the bent position. Everyone’s got a booty bending over. LOL

Look!! Don’t eye me like that. I couldn’t think of anything and I’ve got 3 damn minutes to post this shit. lol

*batting eyelashes* LOL