Dia Diezinueve~ What Do You Think About Religion?…

What do you think about politics?

This is gonna be a QUICK blog as well. Just like with my regrets and gay marriage, I have little to say because it’s one of those things where you just let it be what it is. I don’t regret too many things. I don’t try and dictate people’s lives and I don’t argue over things that are opinion-based.

Religion? Whatever you believe in is between you and your God/demigod/etc. If you believe in Darwinism and feel there is no God…so be it. If you believe in Jesus as your savior…or Muhammad as your prophet…or you believe in Buddha, Yahweh, Jehovah, Tao, or whomever you bow to…it’s YOUR business. I believe in what I believe in and I respect FULLY who it is that you decide to worship…if anyone.

The quickest way for me to dismiss you is for you to be judgmental based on your beliefs and try to label me as a non-believer for not agreeing with you.

Politics? I hate that word. Politics (the word) always reminds me of the concept of “spinning” things for palatability rather than the truth of affairs. All politics is to me is several groups of people deciding what’s best for a larger group of people. I don’t argue politics because the moment you speak your mind and say something that doesn’t fit into a perfect box…you get called out and labeled. Communist, Fascist, Republican, Democrat…blah blah.

I’m on the side of RIGHT. Equality. Action. Change. Respect. Rights…and the ability to be who you are in this so-called land of freedom without being shoved into a corner.

My ex used to piss me off when he said, “You’re either WITH me or AGAINST me…”. I hate that idea. Being FOR you doesn’t even mean that I believe what you believe. It just means that we have at least ONE common interest. I’d rather rebel and be against you, even if you have a point…then to mindlessly be with you and not understand why I’m there. 

In the words of any evasive interviewee: “No Comment…” LOL