Word 1: Castle

HEYYY! It’s day one of the challenge and I’m stoked to get us started. I hope you all are joining in and inviting your other blogger friends. This challenge of word association was inspired (and brought to you) by Mahogany Dymond.

SO…here goes nothing.

Today’s word…Castle







Castle…a physical structure. A sandy building, susceptible to water’s waves. A stronghold of the mind. Your castle is your home.

“Thanks for coming out…Goodnight.” ~ Russell Simmons


The First Day…

…a day containing your earliest memory.

Y’all may not believe me, but my earliest memory was in the crib. Me standing with another kid next to me. (probably a cousin or one of mom’s friend’s kids)

I have memories of me dancing with my diaper on to a Pampers’ commercial. So, yea…my memories go a ways back.

I have a memory of writing on my mother and father’s bedroom wall. I got a spanking 😦

I even have a memory of throwing my bottle out of the window as a baby. My mother said that she thought, “Oh, I guess she doesn’t want THAT anymore…” and I never used a bottle again. (not including Moscato bottles) lol

So that’s all I have for this one. LOL See ya tomorrow!

Snapshot #1 ~ Me

Photo of: ME

I may not be sized down
to a dainty frame
for dainty minds
with limited thinking…
but, I’m still frail
demure and soft
tender to the touch
unmeasured depths of heart
with much to give…
with much to learn…
with much wisdom to impart…
I may be strong,
inside AND out…
but, I feel the slights against me
I set them free
like chicks from nest
…and carry on like all is sweet
because eventually…it will be…
I suffer no emotional drought
like frayed wires
wielding danger
that manically jump about…
I hold energy no one can harness
I hold great things no one can tout
my kinda love,
most can’t do without…
and don’t know it
until they’re already out…
sometimes afraid,
of my own power to be
I forget who I am
but never whose I be
it’s possible to know
to whom I belong,
and forget my way
letting the delusion
of loneliness
cause my mind to stray,
I come back to ME…
this woman-child of God
remembering…to be ME…every day
in the VERY way
that makes me
limitless…to the eyes of those
who dare to see
the woman with many names,
but whose mother named her…Kali

1~ Adore

First Love (of course!)…what they meant/mean to you…

I can’t listen to Adore without thinking of SB. They go hand in hand. He really was my first love. We grew up together and honestly, I followed him around until it was no longer cute to do so. Once we stopped “playing”…we began something else…

I lost my virginity early. I was 13 and he was 16. Not the ideal age to begin exploring sex…but it happened. I don’t regret him though. Even though, I know there was some juvenile insecurities involved behind his reasoning for not wanting people to know we were sexing…I’m still grateful that I gave myself to someone who basically cared for me. I blame his “shame” on youthful pride and caring way too much about what his friends would think (even though at one time or another they all tried to get some). I didn’t have to worry about my name being dragged through the bowels of the projects’ halls…”Kali’s a slut…” or some shit like that. He remained my one and only until I was 20yrs old…and I’m proud of that.

He and I are still cool. He’s on my Facebook page, has my number and from time to time we talk or text. He’s never gonna be my “brother” again…but, he’s always gonna be my boo.

Oh…he never DID give me back my Prince cassette. LOL

Dia Uno~ Something I Hate About Myself


*tapping finger on chin*

Okay, I got it. I hate that I can be fearful…

I have a tendency to in spite of knowing I encompass the ability to DO something…I stop short before doing it. Like the first time I rode a bike, I knew the concept of balance and pedaling…but, I was afraid to fall, so I stopped short. That resulted in a sore booty and a few chain burns on my leg. Though…once I got back on and tried again…I was a bike-riding fool. Everyone who had a bike (because I didn’t have my own) had to let me ride. “Can I ride it around the park?” …and OFF I went. I couldn’t be stopped.

I can be given a task and immediately I am daunted by it…then I suck it back down, jump in and WING it. I think it’s the perfectionist in me. Trying to in THAT moment to figure out the best way to do it…the most expeditious way to complete it and to do it with a round of applause shortly following presentation. I want others to be as proud of me as I am for having finished. Sue me…I care what people think…to an extent.

I want to squash that fear…but, then maybe I don’t. I mean, I also feel that it’s necessary. With that fear (IMO)…humility is accompanied. I’m not so full of myself that I get over-confident and find myself sucking wind when my supposed GENIUS results in a dud. (We all fall short). I want to be okay with the end result…to not rush it. I want to know that I gave it my all. I want for whoever it was that gave me said task…knows their trust wasn’t misplaced.

So…Yea, that’s something that I “hate” about myself.

That wasn’t so bad…onto the next 29 days. I’m raring to go!!