3 Days and Counting…

A blogger *that is me* is TIDE! I’ve just been so mentally exhausted for the past 2 weeks that it has been a wonder I have been able to blog daily to fulfill my challenge. 30 posts in 30 days…shit. I knew when I signed up for it I was in trouble, but LAWD if it’s not hard for a notoriously sporadic blogger to keep it popping every single day. I know someone who does this everyday and I just cant figure out how he does it. As soon as something of interest pops up in the news or around him…it is a blog in 0 seconds flat.
Of late, between some things I gotta get straight on the personal front, the hoopla of day to day life and some added drama from some not-so-leading characters…this month has been sprinkled with a lot of energy-consuming rigmarole that has tired me to a fault.
Anyway, I want to keep my promise and dig deep for the things that mean something to me…and because there are SO many, may explain the reason why I’m having a hard time getting food for thought. When there’s too much swimming around….it’s hard to grab hold to that one slippery point.
I guess, in a way…this challenge has helped me break through and become less calculated and controlling with what I choose to blog…and instead post thoughts as they randomly skip out of my mind. I just hope that in doing so, I’ve allowed a glimpse of me to be accessible to those who have been wanting to see a more personal look into da Kween’s life and personality.

I wonder if I’ll remain a blogging machine come December 1st. lol