Happy Mama’s Day

I just wanted to come through and say Happy Mother’s Day. I don’t care if you’ve never carried a child in your life…if you’ve ever loved someone with the unconditional, unwavering strong love of a mother…then you too, have mothered.

This year, I got to spend a lot of time with my godson and he taught me so much about love, patience, consistency and how to be real (kids can see right through you).

I feel sincerely blessed to have him, whether I ever have a child of my own or not.

Remember to take your reverence of mom all through the year. But, then…that’s how we should treat EVERYONE. No occasional commercial holiday should be the standard for how we treat our loved ones. Each day should be cherished and beheld within our hearts…giving what love we have to those around us.

Be blessed…I love you.