21~ Isle of Love

Photo by lenz_dark

What is the most romantic location you would want to visit?

Well…I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, yet I found myself intrigued with the beauty of Bora Bora. Tahiti seems SO beautiful…

That is FABULOUS!!! I would love to see the sea through my floor…

I could wake up to this several days in a row with NO problem…
Splashing around with a boo, getting it in on beaches and what not. Yes indeedy…I’d be in Heaven! I can’t even imagine the pictures I’d come home with, given a chance to visit this place…
Those little huts…look all rustic on the outside, but are so luxurious on the inside. That’s my kinda shit! lol Giving you that island feel all while providing you the comforts of a wonderful hotel.
~in awe~
I couldn’t go wrong romancing my special him in a place like this…not at all. ~daydreaming~

The Isle of Man

Are you self-sufficient? I don’t mean, do you hold a job, pay bills and provide for yourself and quite possibly others. I mean, are you all encompassing of what it is that it takes to live a FULL life. Do you not need a soul? Even if you did indeed provide for yourself by procuring and maintaining a source of income…do you still not need others? Who do you work for? Who works for YOU? Who consumes your product and supports your business?

Are you a doctor? Can you heal thyself? Do you have the capacity to diagnose and treat yourself? Do you raise your own food? Can you build your own vehicle? Gas it? Fix it? Did you birth yourself? If you did indeed find a way to live somewhere…where you could farm, didn’t need money or assistance in sheltering yourself…and could indeed make a coat from bear skin (assuming you survive the skinning)…what’s it worth?

I ask these questions…because I feel like we’re living in THE most selfish times of this era. I see more and more every day how people take for granted their family and friends and community. I see how people act as if the world around them is insignificant…like their world is the only thing of importance. People disregard each other so blatantly that it scares me to see humans losing their humanity. I often blame it on the heaviness placed upon possessions and status. The easy access of the Internet and it’s benefits. The way people see the rich displayed and cavorting across their screens on a regular basis. The self-entitlement. The elite life…glorified beyond family values and basic decency to each other. “The Microwave Society”…*ding* pick it up! Instant life! Instance success and notoriety. More now than ever I see how people make a small appearance on a reality show or something like it…and become celebrities. All for doing nothing more than standing there when the camera was rolling. Where they do that at?

What ever happen to treating people with kindness? The way we want to be treated? How about the whole “golden rule”? Where are those family traditions? Where is that village? 

When do you think of someone other than yourself? When do you forsake a desire to supply a need? When do you remember the “little person” when out and about. Do you stop to help someone in need? Do you find a way to make a conversation about you while being confided in? What is your contribution to this world?

“No man is an island” goes the adage…so can we act like it? Can we not wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas…Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day…or any other commercial holiday to give a damn about people? Can we treat this land we live and thrive on…like it is the ONLY island there is?

Please and Thank you in advance…

God bless 🙂