The Nineteenth Day…

…your favorite day of the week and why

It used to be Thursday (Cosby Show, A Different World…Must See TV and all that). It also was payday for a bit.

I used to love Wednesdays for the same reason (some kind of television program) …also, it’s the “hump” in the week…the exhale of the week where you finally can see the weekend on the horizon. (I was born on a Wednesday, too)

I’ll just say Saturday.

It was cartoon day as a kid with the line up of my faves: The Smurfs, The Littles, Scooby Doo, Thundercats, Jem!, Alf, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry (and Sundays were the day for Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse shorts between The Three Stooges).

..and even though it was also the day we cleaned the house top to bottom…it could ALSO be the day to go out and shop. PRIME time to beg for stuff from mom.

It was the day of the week where I could run OUT of my house and be FREEEEEEE!!!

It was for a time…the night of the week that new movies premiered on Starz! I live for new movie premieres. Don’t forget “Saturday Night Live”…I loved them since the days of Jane Curtain, Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, John Belushi and Eddie Murphy. (Even though I don’t watch it that much anymore. I normally forget)

Saturday is also the day of the week referenced for my sign (Capricorn)…along with the #8…but, that’s neither here nor there. lol

Saturday or Sabado in Spanish…represent a day for “me time”…even though I know how to turn ANY day into that kind of day. lol

Saturdays are days I get to hang with my sistars. It’s also “Big Breakfast Day” in my house. It’s the one day of the week where I (and sometimes mom) will make a full on breakfast with waffles or pancakes or French Toast with meat (for her) and eggs (for me). Sometimes it’s home fries and ALWAYS coffee! ::swoons for cafe::

Yea…I still love Saturdays.

Obligatory Blog

*running in and sliding behind laptop*
Well, I’ve been out gathering the goods for Thursday’s Bird Worship. I had to get a few things, like the pot roast, carrots and potatoes for one of the main dishes. Mom scooped up a “fat hawg” as Paula Deen says…along with some of the BIGGEST damn turkey wings known to man. I’m launching a full investigation into the missing ostrich, vulture or hawk…possibly lost in the vicinity of the mercado in my city. lol 
It never fails that a day or so before and after holidays…people get right down ignorific. One woman in Stop n Shop kept cutting my mom off like we were on the highway and she was driving her classic C class Mercedes and my mom was driving a broke down Civic. Clearly she don’t know my mom…shit…we drive a Camry, dude! LOL My mother is a minister…but, um…she still got a little kuntree girl in her. TRUST, she ain’t wrapped too tight. It could’ve been her arse. THEN, when we were about to pull up in a spot near the mercado…this chick swerves into the spot we were going to park in. I KNOW that heffa saw my mom angling for that spot. Funny how she pretended to be fixing her wack ass hair when we pulled past her slow like this was Boyz n the Hood in that bitch. We from a NC tribe called Whup-a-hoe!
I got the Nilla Wafers I promised sis I’d buy (if I wanted banana pudding) LOL. I’m ready to eat already. You know what I’m most hungry for? Stuffing. And sis’ mac n cheese. It’s dangerous man…it’ll make you smack a black mama…you gotta know you’re going to your grave and this is just WORF the trip. LMAO
Any who and any how…I’m hungry and will be having a cheese dog for dinner. DAMN I cant wait for the feast…leftovers will make my weekend PERFECTO!
So, there’s my obligatory blog for the day. Toodles Boo Boos 🙂


I remember Saturdays.

My dad used to watch Saturday morning cartoons with me. Warner Bros…you know? Bugs, Daffy, Wile. E. Coyote, etc? Yea, those. He watched the Smurfs with me, Thundercats, Voltron, The Littles…the entire weekend was a dedication to whatever toons were playing. I’m not sure if the aforementioned toons all DID indeed air on Saturdays, but I watched most of them with dad. He even ended up liking Alf once it was “cartoonized” lol.

I got a little older and outgrew the toon-watching…so in comes mom. Saturdays were cleaning days or shopping days. Get up butt ass early and either start sweeping, mopping, dusting, and laundry. OR…let’s get it at the mall or the outlet in Danbury, CT or NJ. If you snoozed, you lost…because plenty of Saturdays I woke up to an empty house or to the sound of them getting in around noon with bags and my sister smiling because she had enough sense to rise and shine…

By the time the shopping ended…it could be time for a little fish fry. At least 2-3 Saturdays a month my grandmother, mother, aunt and selected cousins and friends gathered, albeit small…to fry fish, shrimp, scallops, fries, bake cornbread and eat my mom’s homemade coleslaw (which is the only kind I’ll eat to this day). Laughing, talking loudly and us kids doing something in the back like playing Pokeno, Bingo or cards was the norm.

Somehow, the Saturdays got tamer. Mom’s scratch pancakes (sometimes with apples, bananas or blueberries thrown in) with salmon cakes (or crabby patties, lol) was the normal breakfast fare. Later that evening we might do a small fishfry with just myself, her boyfriend and my sister…but nonetheless…it was expected and anticipated highly.

Nowadays, the crew has scattered. Today…I made pumpkin pancakes and maple bacon for my mother…but normally, something keeps us from congregating. Whether it’s mom’s preacher’s class, or sis’ nursing clinics…or just life. Either way…no matter what I’m doing…Saturdays are STILL my favorite day of the week. Just on GP. 🙂

Cash, Credit or Boobs!

**watch the boobs…enjoy the boobs** **jacking your pockets** LOL

I took a trip to the grocery store today. No biggie. I do it all the time. Before I left the house, I picked out a shirt…ironed it…and put it on. I knew when I was ironing it, that it might give me trouble. LOL You ladies know what I mean, when the button is hanging on by a mere thread and can bust someone in the eye if you exhale to hard. So, I was reluctant to put it on…yet, I wanted to get on the road to do what I wanted. Ok, so the shirt is staying on *tug* because I’m only going food shopping *adjust*…there’s probably nothing but old men and women out at 1pm on a Monday afternoon *button pops open* *closing button*.

So, yea…it was a repeat of THAT all day. I got highly irritated at one point when I realize that my shirt had all but opened by ONE button. *QQn around for lookey lous*. Mind you this shirt once hung off of me perfectly. (Guess I need to get back on my dance routine)

So, anyway…I traipse down the frozen foods aisle. Time for some veggies. The guy is loading up the freezer and as I grab up my corn and green beans, I ask for the broccoli florets. He offers to go to the back for some. He comes back with NOT the store brand I usually buy, but the Green Giant brand. So, I say, “Nah…those are too much. Thank you anyway…” Dude says, “No, these are the same price…the SAME price..” as he picks up 2 packs and hands them to me like I have no choice. I was confused because I KNOW Green Giant is more. He says, “When you get up front, tell them Jeff from Frozen said these are 2 for 3. Shhh, don’t tell anyone else.” as he said, smiling. I said, “Cool! Thanks, Jeff!” and sashayed away (hehehe)

I got about 2 aisles over and as I *adjusted* and *tugged* and *rebuttoned*…I realized…I bought broccoli at a discount price with BOOBS! LMAOOO