Obligatory Blog ~2010

Last year when I did this challenge…I had at LEAST one “obligatory blog”. It was full of filler so that I could at least SAY I blogged…

…this is the 2010 version O_O

Things I realized today...

~I miss my sister. Her moving out was fine…but, now…it’s wack as hell. She spent the night here last night and when I woke up she was gone. I used to make us breakfast on the weekends, so I planned to make breakfast for her. I  ate pancakes and eggs by myself. 😦

~I am over my ex. ::WOO HOO::  …this is big for me.  I will always love him, but now it’s more in the sense of loving your fellow human. I wish him well, but I’m over the desire to hear from him or want him. *doing my ‘f&ckn AY’ sign*

~I’m arrogant. LMAO (I threw that in there for Joy) YES, JOY…I can be arrogant…but, I have to stick to my guns and say that I’m not really “arrogant” as much as “flagrantly assured” at certain things at certain times. It’s not an overall trait I have…just a necessary one for when I need to remember who the hell I am in this world! 😉

~I’m spoiled. I never really thought I was…but, there are a handful of folks who give me what I need and some of what I want…usually when I need it…and sometimes when I don’t expect it. That’s a blessing.

~I’m a kitchen whore. I love kitchens. I love that belongs in kitchens. I love a kitchen makeover. I love cooking…and want to do it in a wonderfully equipped kitchen….but then, this isn’t a sudden realization. It’s more of a constant thought. lol

~I’m obsessed with looking down at my girls.  The way they jiggle…lol

~I want a baby…

~I want the husband BEFORE the baby…

~I want to cut my hair off. I keep threatening…but, I want it at least above shoulder. I listen to EVERYONE about it…but, I think I’m gonna do it.

~I realized that I’m putting off a serious blog because I’m not sure if I want to share that part of me yet. I know it has to be done, though. It’s my testimony.

Well, I’m done. It’s all I could do to keep from cheating you all of a legitimate blog. Something that had a little substance! I love you all…til tomorrow. Peace 🙂