Big Heads & Little Minds

I am sitting here watching “Alice in Wonderland”…and perhaps even though I may be over-analyzing…there’s still a very good point. I think. LOL

I noticed that as the “Red Queen” was being fitted for the Mad Hatter’s hats…all of her court was around telling her lies. How beautiful she looked. How she’d never looked better.  All of a sudden, one woman’s nose fell off (reminded me of a Pinocchio moment)…well, her fake nose fell off. It’s like she was pretending to be grotesque and unattractive. The Mad Hatter pointed out that her nose had fallen off and she quickly scooped it up and placed it back onto her face…but as she was bending, The Hatter saw the man behind her. His stomach over-sized, but seemingly sewed on…or was it his pants were sewn to him…either way, a thought crossed my mind…

Was the Red Queen aka The Queen of Hearts, requesting of her court to appear to her disfigured? Were they encouraged to pretend to be ugly so that she wouldn’t feel bad  about her “bulbous” head? (live update: They’re all revealing there truer selves and being revealed as “cheats” by the Hatter…perhaps I blogged in haste) LOL 

SO…anyway, that STILL brings me to my analytical point of the night. Who is so insecure about their own shortcomings, that they request of people around them (beautiful/smart/healthy/functioning) people…to dull their shine to accommodate their own insecurities? Not forgetting to mention…that as much as this is a statement of the Red Queen’s inability to deal with her own abnormalities…it is also sad that others are so in need of acceptance of someone who seems to be powerful, that they’d live a lie to fit in.

I see it all of the time. People with a “following”. Women and men who have loyal subjects instead of loyal FRIENDS. A flock of mindless sheep willing to say an untruth dipped in sap, to make the object of their adulation feel better. It’s criminal to think that people sit uncomfortably in their own skin to be accepted by others who are equally uncomfortable in theirs.

I would hope that anyone around me would feel like a “kween” or king…and not someone bowing for my assent. I love everyone. Misfits even more. I dig the quirky, odd-shaped, misunderstood “underdogs”. I always feel as if they’d have a better chance at accepting me as well with all of my idiosyncrasies…as opposed to someone who is addicted to the perception of perfection. In need of adulation so dysfunctionally that they live off of delusions.

S/N: I even noticed that the Red Queen had a crush on her guard, whom wasn’t the bit interested in her. He, on the other hand was attracted to the very large, Alice. In her jealous rage, The Red Queen ordered Alice and all of her cohorts beheaded. ~sigh~ Such a hater…with her big ass head.

Hmmm…epiphany. Perhaps the Red Queen’s head was so large, because she had a puffed sense of self. A huge ego…with no real founding. Using feeble minded characters to do her dirty work and feed her complex.

Okay…it’s time for me to quit pontificating over this movie…I’m missing the good parts. LOL