Too Much?

Have you ever had someone tell you, that you’re “too” anything?
You’re TOO sensitive…
You’re TOO affectionate…
You’re TOO mean
You’re TOO smart!
I’ve gotten those before. Once upon a time, I’d dumb it down. Doing the double-dutch dance, trying to figure out how much was enough. Too much thought…so I decided to just give it to whomever and know…KNOW…that, the one who loves me, will get me…and “it” will NEVER be too much.
What does that mean? You’re TOO this or that? Shit, i’ve said it…”You’re TOO…”
When I’ve said that, I thought that ONE thing…was annoying on some level. I DO know that there are things we all can do that become overkill. Some things just need diluting…but, essentially..the ones we love and call home, are never scared off or annoyed so much that they would call your “too much” a dealbreaker. I mean….you can be…
TOO abusive
TOO anal
TOO selfish
TOO cold…

But, then….if you’re around the one that fits you…snapping into your grooves and completing a bigger picture…is there ever such a thing as TOO much?

Never Too Much – Luther Vandross