Hypocrisy: Two Tongues

I suppose eventually…or at some point in the past…we’ve all had a hypocritical moment. You know what I’m saying. You say one thing or do another…or worse. You judge someone for something you’re doing or have done…with a straight face.

Hypocrisy is one of my biggest pet peeves next to lying…probably because it IS a form of lying, It’s unbecoming to present a face that has two sides…a tongue that is forked and a mind with dubious intentions.

Daily, folks present Christianity when most of what they say and do has nothing to do with God. I know folks who will go to church as long as the doors are open and yet still are rotten to the core. Folks who’ll treat their own family like shit and then turn around and be “charitable” to the church’s family. I thought it began at home?

Respect me! Love me! Consider me! Support me! Embrace me! Tolerate me! Give me!

…yet, those are the very ones who respect nothing. Love with convenience and condition. Support only themselves and whom support them. Embrace only those who benefit them. Tolerate nothing…give little. Yet…want to be heralded as a child of God and a friend and lover of people. Boo! Boo, I say!

How do parents form such resentment for children that have done nothing but be good children and have brought them very few if any sorrows? How do they feel that even in their child’s adult life, they have the rights to belittle them, undermine their lives, disrespect their choices and give guilt trips? I can’t ever and won’t ever understand how selfishness is lauded while generosity is punished. I can’t get how a person wants to be honored as the parent but has no consideration for the child. They speak to the world like loving parents and hiss at their progeny in private. Ugh.

Folks want you to, be accountable for your actions in hurting THEM, but have no memory of ever wronging YOU. Apologize, but no apology returned.

Check on me, see how I’m doing, give me love? Yet, where are your thoughts of kindness? Where’s your show of concern?


I don’t like people right now. I can do without speaking to people for a LONG ass time. Reason being, I don’t have the patience anymore in my near 40 year old life to show people how to be. Some shit should be inherent…especially if you demand a certain level of behavior.

Take the words out of the corners of your mouth and speak forwardly and deliberately with a kind tongue and thoughtful mind. Stay true to yourself and be kind to yourself, but remember…self-love isn’t just about YOU. It’s about drawing to you the kind of people you desire to share your energy with. So being true to YOU…is ALSO…being true to others.