i saw a homeless person
in the structured shadows
of cement stilts
the circumstance much colder
than the weather he was weathering
a pallet of rags
thinly veiling
the hardness of the ground’s
rock bottom
watching the world go by
the metro moving
the highway grooving
but nothing soothing
this underground space
that is his home
away from a home
nor stories
nor allegory
can prep a soft soul
to spot a lone soul
with no home
free from shelter
protection from climate
all things
harshly shat upon him
no blinds for the sun rays
no warmth from the cold fronts
for 30 miles
my smile hid
inside a heavily laden heart
optic clips
flashing in stills
of this epidemic ill
he may be happily free
free from the constraints
of faithless love
being told what he ain’t
ain’t gone be
ain’t gone have
ain’t gone learn
free from time
gotta clock in
or be docked
gotta show up
or be thrown out
he’s got panoramic
surround sound
at ground zero
or maybe that’s what i tell myself
to soften the painful sight
of a man
with no home
in the cold
on my way home…
heart of my/man’s existence