the cusp of bluff

there’s this bluff
high and lofty
looks over vast ranges of promise
i’ve been here before
breath taken away
by the altitude
heart racing with fearful glee
when one is standing
where i stand now…
do they jump?
to own wings briefly
or does one stand
in awe of the sky’s infinity?
while standing here
on the crags of jagged dreams
does one begin to grasp the next move
doesn’t reaching the pinnacle
mean the world?
how do you decide
on whether to stay here…
on the precipice of awe
in the presence of life
knowing that…
remaining here…(while a beautiful plateau)
means being still
no forward movement
just feet planted
looking up at the universe’s offering
the intense feeling of the climb
peering down
at travels past below…
how do i stop bluffing…
and move?