The Attic aka Kween’s Mind

Do you know what goes through a person’s mind when they’re not talking or thinking of talking? I like to know these things…and often wonder what rattles through the minds of others. I KNOW there’s some off beat chaos going on. HAS to be. No one thinks along a straight path all of the time. I imagine my “attic” to be a wonderland of cool trappings. Roller-coaster-like, mazes of paths made of words and music and whimsical images. I see a labyrinth of the past mixed with now and an uncanny peek into the nearest future. Wanna peek?

~”make my funk the p funk…I wants to get funked up”
~recipe #1 sausage stuffing
~the garden I want to grow
~nursery rhymes
~doo doo dooot dooo doooo
~commercial memory #1 “There’s no such thing as a bear sheriff”
~me sitting on the floor in my grandma’s house playing with a Barbie alone (and having a ball)
~junk food picnics with the girls
~the monkey doll that my cousin and I fought over when we were kids. It was “beige” with cloth “fur”…naked…and wore baby shoes…not to mention the dried oatmeal in his mouth that I tried to feed him.
~charcoal pencils
~reasons…the reasons that we’re here…
~big scary house I lived in as a baby
~YES…baby memories. Me in diapers…in the crib.
~kisses…nice kisses
~front seat, kisses, mmmm
~sweet sensation…so sweet….so sweet…so sweet…sweet sensation
~recipe #2 nachos…for right now…pot roast for thanksgiving
~commercial memory #2 Twinkies…you know…the one where he had a cowboy hat on lol
~butter…than butterflies…than spring…then me watching water

ok…lol. I think I’ve shared enough. This is just what was going through my mind in a span of 10 minutes of writing this. I wouldn’t wanna scare you with the other shit. LOL

*22 blogs down…8 to go*