I think I did too many challenges back to back…

I left this last challenge (The Photo Challenge) in the dust like an abandoned child. I ALSO had a hard time remembering to TAKE the damn pictures everyday…and when I DID remember, I found nothing to snap pics of. It’s kinda hard to do that when you’re not walking to and fro. I used to and I’ve gotta get back to that, but between one of the worst winters AND summers we’ve seen in a while…it wasn’t fit for a dog or squirrel to walk out there. I did have my days that I just said “EFF it…” and walked but for the most part…it wasn’t happening.

I apologize for the BIG pause though. I had been on a roll for a few months…posting daily in one way or another and now it’s been this long ass hiatus (unannounced, no less) and I feel like I’ve let down my readers. God bless those who managed to stick to their challenges. You can check the side bar for “Dem Challenge Takers” for the ladies who’d been participating in several challenges. I’ve gotta make my rounds and be supportive…


I ain’t gave a damn in a while. I’ve been “living”. Enjoying family and friends…because guess what? ::inserting cliche::

Life is too short!

I’ve got family and friends who are suffering from a disease or disorder of some kind and have been sending up prayers nightly for those whose stories of affliction sit heavily on my chest. I’ve had sleepless nights for nothing more than a worry or concern of what they’re doing…HOW they’re doing. So, no…this challenge hopped, skipped and jumped WAY over my head.

I’ll tell ya what. If by some off beat chance…I take a pic that fits the bill, I will slowly but surely finish this challenge. BEAR with me, my people.

In the meantime…I’m prepping for this weekend. Gonna finally get to meet yet ANOTHER SiStar of mine…Ms. Maria. I’m very excited and therefore you MAY get a blog w/pics for this occasion.

Deep Peace and Kweenly Love unto you!

Snapshot #12: Beautiful

Photo of: Beautiful

This is a pic of the eyeshadow that I was sent by my girl Tina of Kozmik Xxplosion Body & Beauty.

What is beautiful about this is not just the gorgeous blue-green metallic color it provides, perfectly offsetting my yellow undertones…

…but, also that she’s living her passion. That is always beautiful. I took a pic with it on…and honestly MY camera does it no justice. It POPS and I felt very glam in it. Watch out soon for a blog featuring her products. Until then, tip-tap on that link up there for her product and see what she’s offering…if you love all natural products, SHE is your girl!

I felt “beautiful”

Snapshot #11: New

Photo of: New

Just bought this applesauce. LOVE this applesauce. Great variation from the norm. A cup of this in the mid-morning fights the hungries and the desire to eat something I’m not supposed to.

I also bought strawberry…goodness!!

My FAVORITE vehicle for applesauce is oatmeal. A cooooool dollop on a hot bowl is quite close to what I imagine to be the manna from heaven. lol

Snapshot #10: High Angle

Photo of: High Angle

So, what had happened was…I forgot all about this challenge. I had a headache and rested most of the day.

I meant to do this outside with a subject other than myself…but, hey. You do what you can with what you have. lol

This is me…hair kinda kinky wavy…wearing my fave sundress (in yellow of course).

I hope tomorrow’s challenge isn’t this forgettable. lol

Snapshot #9: Morning

Photo of: Morning


Wrapped up…tangled up. In spite of summer’s heated humidity and hellish temperature heights…I still need SOMETHING on me. Last night…it got cool enough from the A/C to use my beloved throw made of chenille. Soft and cuddly, it keeps me covered and keeps my toes from completely becoming ice cold…

Good morning…(even though I’m writing this in the evening)

Snapshot #8: Feet

Photo of: Feet

Today’s challenge falls right into place with my latest pedi 🙂

I used Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in Kitty Kitty last night. Instead of using it on the entire fingernail, I made a Leopard “French” and used the majority of the strips on my toes! I love it. ~rawwwrrr~ hehe

I also managed to get my foot into that shoe ^^^ that up until now, eluded me. My feet have been swollen for a while now from foot pain and now I can get back into my shoes. They’re 2 1/2″ of comfort 🙂

I also thought I’d take a pic of the shoe that I thought was SO cute, wore once and never again…LOL

They’re actually too big…::sigh:: LOL
Yep…there’s the feet. 🙂

Snapshot #7: Red

Photo of: Red
My trusty companion…the Dictionary. Perhaps my favorite book of all time. Always changing and evolving…adding and subtracting. Providing hours of information to grow on. 
My family calls me the “Human Dictionary”…most around me ask ME how to spell a word or to provide the definition instead of opening the book or looking it up online. What can I say? I’m a word whore. LOL
For me, words are the edifice of a tall building…each floor, a sentence…the height being the unending ways one can express themselves.
Anyway…the photo is of the color red. Though I looked around my house and found other things that were red…there was only one thing that had the punch this photo had. 🙂

Snapshot #6: Home

Photo of: Home
This is home…
Well, the back of it. I decided not to take a pic of the front b/c I don’t need folks tryna figure out which street in which city does that number belong to. LOLOL

It’s not ALL ours. We live in the bottom right part. That bottom window furthest on the right is actually my window 🙂  I love where I live. I have a great view of the Hudson River and Bear Mountains…

I am always taking different pics of these mountains…especially come sunset…
Sorry if I broke the rules and posted more than one pic…lol

Snapshot #5: Guilty Pleasure

Photo of: Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is Facebook. I’m an addict…I know it. I need help. I’m actually falling back. It can be a pain in the ass and once something that’s supposed to be entertainment, becomes a “chore”…it’s time to step away.

It’s kinda hard though. I  write constantly on blogs and offline working on stories, so Facebook is just a click away when I get bored and need something else to do.

As you can see…my banner is a grouping of butterflies ::CHEESE::…and I’m known by my first and middle name and not my last. That ain’t nobody’s bidness. LOL

So yea, my guilty pleasure…

**scribbling on screen** Send…help!

Snapshot #4: Low Angle

Photo of: Low Angle

When I walk home from work I pass these flowers everyday. I usually want to take a picture of them, but I’m always concerned that the owner[s] may see me out the window and  wonder what the hell I’m doing near their flowers. I looove flowers and have been known to be a flower thief…mostly as a child. My mother said I was famous for coming home with a handful of flowers from someone’s garden talmbout “Here, Mommy…” with the big kid grin 🙂  LOL

These were so vibrantly orange/red that I felt drawn…so I crossed the street, readying my phone’s camera…and then slid up like an ace detective, snapped it and bounced. I didn’t even look to see if it was “good”…I just put the camera low and snapped. LOL

So there…my low angle.