OCD: Order or Disorder

Today’s show was about OCD. The disorder where people “obsess” over thoughts repeatedly, and express those concerns with “compulsions”…or excessive behavior. So, if you’re afraid of germs, you clean. If you’re concerned for safety, you obsess over if you’ve locked doors, turned off electrical appliances, etc. There are plenty of other degrees of OCD and their are places to find more info.

I found out a lot about the disorder and deduced that yes, I probably have mild to moderate OCD. I am no psychologist, but if I compare the list of symptoms with the things that go through my head, then yep…ya girl is a lil OCD. LOL

Anyway, today Ebony and I did the show alone. I scheduled almost KNOWING Chap wouldn’t show up. We’d talked yesterday about how he wanted for me to be more gung ho where the show was concerned. Just to basically be prepared at times to kick off the show without him. I don’t like to, because I just feel we all should be there, but I also feel that there are times the show just need to go on. Ebony and I did a great job…we’ve done it before, but it had just been a while. I was a little nervous at times, but that will probably always be. Its a fear of mine to be publicly speaking and the center of attention. All in all a good show. Chap did manage to call in at the last minute. Talking out our damn game time! LMAO

Now, I am going to go research phobias and addiction (thanks Eb, for bringing those up) along with another future show topic: Superstitions! Wooo this ought to be fun!