Word 7: Sword

A cover I made from one pic that I entitled “Fish in the Fire”

*slides in to home base*

Woooo, sorry I’m a day late!!

Well, I got caught up with errands yesterday and whilst out and about…we (mom and I) spotted the sunset…and BOOM. GORGEOUS. The sky was so beautiful. It looked like it was on fire. Everyone was either outside the grocery store snapping or getting out their cars.

The first one was this one that my mom pulled over for us to take.

In this pic, we saw a bird and something ominous moving in the background that looks like two mounds…
anyway…the next two I saw right from the front of the grocery store in the parking lot. Another couple was snapping pics and a worker was standing there oohing and aahing. lol
When I went inside…I heard a lady say that someone had hit her up and said, “Go look at the sky”…and I confirmed that it was amazing. When we looked out, it was a tad dark so I “s-beamed” her my pics. (she taught me how, since I’d never done it)

I felt like the sky looked like a lake of fire…or something aflame. I told the couple outside, “It looks like Jesus is about to roll out. lol

I said all this to say, that I kept calling the “fish” in the top photo a “swordfish”…so there. I that’s what came to mind today.

¬†PEACE! ūüôā

The Seventh Day…

…the day you found your first best friend

Well, I had a lot of close friends from my childhood. One was Equenthia…she was someone who lived across the hall from my grandmother in the PJ’s. She and her brother have been lifetime friends that have extended into family…but, I don’t think she was my first BEST friend. Why? Well, we didn’t always get along…and we didn’t have the same interests that little girls tend to bond over. She was 2 years older than me and my love for certain things like Barbies and cars was lost on her. She was definitely more big sis than best friend.
I had Leah…for a time…but, Leah was later on once I was in the 8th to 9th grade.
My FIRST real memory of a best friend was Samantha Haggins.
We were in 5th grade. She came into school as a new kid. Not from Mt. Vernon. I believe she was from Amityville, Long Island. Who can forget that. I think I asked her if the town was haunted or scary. lol
I took to Samantha immediately, as she did to me. All of the other kids seemed to act funny. They had their besties already, I guess. I am almost certain that Mrs. Brown sat her next to me on purpose. 
I remember that she had the LONGEST pigtails I’d ever seen. They had to be like almost a foot and a half long. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were longer. She wore them for the most part in twos or threes. She was light and had the biggest eyes. She was very quiet. I was very loud. We were yin and yang. Perfect balance. LOL
I used to spend the night at her house often. She had Barbies and Kens, who lived in their town house and drove a Corvette. She had her own room and lived on the second floor of a yellow house almost three blocks down the street from me on 9th Avenue. Her mom had long hair as well and she had a cute little baby brother. ¬†I don’t think Samantha and I ever had an argument or left each other’s sides. We sat together, giggled and lived in our own little world. Only once can I remember (not that there weren’t other instances, but I don’t recall) where we shared time with another girl. Tameka Williams came to Samantha’s house one day and we all played in the sprinkler. I suppose it was summer or nearing summer.
I guess it was nearing summer…because, one day in class Mrs. Brown announced, “Samantha has moved and won’t be returning to Washington Elementary…”
I bawled.
I was inconsolable. It was the worst day of my elementary life. I don’t think I was okay for a long time. No other friend compared and the other girls were each other’s favorites. I felt alone and can remember telling my grandmother that I didn’t want to go to school.
Eventually, the other girls would play with me and I felt okay. Tameka, Ayanna, Natasha and Rachel (RIP) were my school friends. At home, it was me and “Quent”…and eventually, Leah.
**I found Samantha on Facebook before publishing this. I got curious and searched her out. I THINK it’s her…but, we’ll see. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted**

UPDATE: IT WAS HER! She remembered me and had been thinking of me, too. Facebook IS good for something, huh? LOL

Snapshot #7: Red

Photo of: Red
My trusty companion…the Dictionary. Perhaps my favorite book of all time. Always changing and evolving…adding and subtracting. Providing hours of information to grow on.¬†
My family calls me the “Human Dictionary”…most around me ask ME how to spell a word or to provide the definition instead of opening the book or looking it up online. What can I say? I’m a word whore. LOL
For me, words are the edifice of a tall building…each floor, a sentence…the height being the unending ways one can express themselves.
Anyway…the photo is of the color red. Though I looked around my house and found other things that were red…there was only one thing that had the punch this photo had. ūüôā

7~ Deep As A Puddle

Have you ever been deeply in love? Explain

Yes…and no.

I was deeply in love with my first. The kind of love that could close out the other people in a crowded room. Often, people would disperse slowly to our oblivion and we’d find ourselves alone in a room loud with our stares and smiles. (I wonder if he remembers that the way I do) Either way, we were a synchronized rhythm of learning, giggles and touch…and I felt like I’d always be in love with him…

I was deeply in love with my ex of 8 1/2 yrs. The one with whom I had an abusive relationship. In the beginning and at the end…things were the most tender. The way he wouldn’t let go at night while we slept and how I awoke often to him staring at me (not as creepy as it sounds). How he’d kiss me awake…and take care of me when I was sick. We laughed at almost¬†everything¬†and honestly, we had a very psychic relationship. I have stories of him hearing my thoughts and him SWEARING I was talking when I knew I hadn’t opened my mouth. I was in love, until I realized that love doesn’t hurt…

I was deeply in love with the radio dude. His voice was medicine for whatever ailed me and I just knew that his love would always be there. Silly as hell…we laughed many a night away when our asses should’ve been asleep. He challenged me to grow past my self-induced lines and fears. Mainly due to him, I became less shy and eventually had my own short-lived show online. Our decidedly different views on life, love, family and friendship…always seemed to come together. He the wings, me the anchor…and often switching roles when necessary. Younger than me chronologically…I often felt like he was older, hence my name for him “Papa Pea”(see, two peas in a ¬†pod). I was in love…until I realized that love don’t lie.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been deepest in love with them all for different reasons. They all represented different phases of my spiritual understanding. I was in love for the first time, the worst time and the most recent time…with all I had. I’ve never given less. ¬†Some might say that I couldn’t have been deeply in love so many times…but, I believe that my blessing to love others is the most beautiful and deepest thing about me…

Dia Siete~ Someone Who Has Made My Life Worth Living For


No, it’s not megalomania or anything of the sort. I’ve been through some things that have taught me that life deserves to be lived…and more so for myself than any other external reason.

Living for anyone or anything else is a¬†fair-weather¬†approach. The moment that “thing” or person isn’t inspiring enough, around anymore or has lost your interest…the will to live diminishes? No way. If I live for me…well, for God’s purpose…then I’m showing appreciation for the breath given ME. I’d consider it quite insulting to God that one might lose the will to live because someone left or something faded. Did He not put as much breath, energy and divine purposing into me as He did others? Absolutely.

This is big…because I USED to be the one who was the consummate care-taker. I was always giving and finding reasons why people needed me in order to prolong relationships and friendships. The truth is I needed them to need me. Without them leaning on me and validating my love…I felt lost. What I’ve learned is that God needs me. He needs me present in the life He’s fashioning for me every moment I awake.

Living for ME is worth it. (Did I sound like a Loreal commercial?) LOL