Subject: (No Subject)

Yea, you’ve gotten that inbox message…

The one by the dude who is going through the back door to say hi.

“I just wanted to say…that pic is nice. Didn’t want to get in trouble with the wife.”

HUH? WTF? How would you get in trouble for just saying that my pic is nice? Clearly…I’ve got both on my page. A classmate and her husband. The thing is this, though…why contact me at all? Either YOU have a history of crossing the line with your “innocent compliments”…or your wife is psycho. Either way…stay the hell out of my inbox.

If you are “in a relationship”, “married” or hell…even in an “open relationship”…don’t inbox me. There’s no cause to. Any communication that you might feel the need to have with me, should be done in the open. “Nice blog/note”…”Nice pic”…”Funny status”…any and all other communication is futile and unnecessary.

Wait…let’s ask THIS question. Why do people feel the need to befriend the opposite sex ANYWAY? At the grown up stage…aren’t we all friends with those we’re friends with? Save for the few very cool associates to seep through our circle’s walls…aren’t we pretty much at 30-40 good with whom we’re good with? I can understand finding SAME SEX friends…folks to hang out with. I’m confused though on why we NEED to make acquaintances with the opposite sex when we’re already in relationships. WHY isn’t your mate your friend? Why isn’t he/she enough? Why confuse your situation with something that might not even be worth the trouble?

Are you bored?


A whore…whether that be an emotional/mental/physical whore?

Yes…you CAN be an emotional or mental whore. You can be the kind of individual who needs to be loved on or mentally fucked. Either way…can’t you do that with your man/woman? Why drag others into your uncertainty. If you’re not uncertain and are happy…what is the reason for needing to converse with a single woman in her inbox? Why don’t folks realize it just cuts down on the misunderstandings and drama to just MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!???

I’m not saying you can’t have friends of the opposite sex. I’m saying that there shouldn’t be anything to hide. I have a married friend, whom I speak with on the phone like a brother. We DM (Twitter) back and forth to check in and make sure we’re okay…but, he’s never gotten out of pocket. He has NO problem posting on my page on FB or Twitter that he loves me and that I’m beautiful. Why? It’s because he has nothing to hide. If his wife were to see it, she’d know better than to assume the wrong thing. She TRUSTS her husband.

If you have to inbox me to say hi…already your intentions are dubious (hence your needing to hit me privately) so you already know you’re wrong.

Maybe it’s me…what do you all think?