I’ve always been addicted to words…
My mother says my first word was, “da da”, but Im sure it was something more like,”why?”…and she just didn’t here me say it. lol I remember that she bought me a Scrabble Junior, which was words instead of letters. I remember the chalkboard I had that I used to dictate and enforce “school” on my baby sister, cousins, company…stuffed animals. Words have always intrigued me. I’ve been reading for a long while now. I have memories of reading the dictionary as early as kindergarten. I’ve aced at least 98% of my spelling bees…if you don’t count the B’s. My family calls me the “human dictionary” and I think it’s funny. I don’t know every word…but, a new word is absorbed into my vocabulary, the way water disappears into a sponge. I am always consulting the dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia…because I love to know new ways to say the same old thing. In my spare time, I look up the meaning of words, their Latin root meaning…and break down the way words are constructed. Prefix. Root. Suffix. It’s how I learned (and most others who were paying attention in school)…how to define a word without looking it up. Yet, it went further…
It became the name game…
“What’s your name?” is the first thing people ask…but do they ever know that for each time you speak someone’s name…you reinforce the meaning? Kali means…
“beautiful” in Greek
“child closest to God” in Egyptian (for which my mother named me)
“black; energy” in Sanksrit
which is the Hindu language affiliated with the goddess, Kali…whose name also symbolizes
“creator and destroyer” (so me…really!)
“flower” in Hawaiian
“evil genius” in Peruvian (bwahahahahahahaha *choke* hahaa…)
“fire goddess” in Native American (not sure what tribe)
Either way…I believe when my name is spoken, that my spirit is being reaffirmed through the power of words. I’ve spent hours researching different words in different languages and trying to connect the international dots. I can’t speak any language but English, fluently…but, I can pretty much read most Latin-based languages.
I’ve researched surnames and gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, etc. When I first got a computer…I exhauseted the Encarta encyclopedia that came with it. Pages and pages of research on words and their meanings.
Words…They ARE things and they hold the power of action and inaction. Constant repetition of a thing…negative or positive…can create your environment. It, like attitude…can make or break your energy. I try to speak positivity into my wor[l]d…but even I fall short.
As much as I love words…words can be a curse, too. Words form sentences…and sentences are spoken or written at times…in spite of meaning very little to the speaker or scriber. As much as I love words…I love actions more. In MY little world…my relationships, friendships and family ties are bonded by words…words that morph into action. A proof of intent.
The meaning of words aren’t just in the definition. It’s in the content, usage and intention. Words don’t mean a thing…if they don’t manifest into something tangible.
Touch me with your words…