Snapshot #7: Red

Photo of: Red
My trusty companion…the Dictionary. Perhaps my favorite book of all time. Always changing and evolving…adding and subtracting. Providing hours of information to grow on. 
My family calls me the “Human Dictionary”…most around me ask ME how to spell a word or to provide the definition instead of opening the book or looking it up online. What can I say? I’m a word whore. LOL
For me, words are the edifice of a tall building…each floor, a sentence…the height being the unending ways one can express themselves.
Anyway…the photo is of the color red. Though I looked around my house and found other things that were red…there was only one thing that had the punch this photo had. 🙂

Hair ya go!

I am getting my hair done on Monday…and I’ve made up my mind that I’m cutting it. I just don’t know how short or in what style. I’ve had long hair for the past 12-13 years. It started when I stopped perming it in 1994. It grew like weeds. It was SO thick and long that when I decided to perm it again in 2001, I had a bad habit of rolling over on it and yanking my head in the middle of the night when attempting to get up! lol 

I remember the day I came home from my mother’s house from having it done, my ex who rarely saw the length of my hair (from me keeping it braided, twisted or ponytailed) was amazed at the length. I even had a tacky broad run her fingers through my scalp in search of tracks. *hater* HA! 

I then began cutting on it. In 2005 I dyed it blonde only for the shit to fall out (I was cutting the recommended 2 week waiting time close). Luckily for me, I have about 2-3 strands of her per shaft and what might have been someone else’s HEAD of hair, was only half of mine. I then got  about 5″ cut off in 2007 to preserve it, because it was so damaged. NOW, I’m just sick of wearing it in a ponytail. The only problem is, that long hair is safe. (For ME anyway)…I mean, you have the option to put it up when you don’t feel like being bothered, unlike short hair that needs to be maintained in it’s style. I envision an above the shoulder bob that I can style in big curls. ESPECIALLY once I dye it fiery red. I am trying to redefine my look. Last time I tried to dye red, it just didn’t take. This time I KNOW I need a FIRE engine red…AND 2 boxes! It’s on and popping! Oooooh, I can’t wait. Yall ain’t gonna be able to tell me NUFFIN!!