Word 24: Fire


I love fire.

As a kid, fire brought curiosity that nothing else did…besides maybe water. With fire…there was this beautiful, glowing, sign of heated life and it could grow. It could be bigger than a candle’s flame and be angrier than any person’s temper.

My first lesson on fire, was when I was a kid of about 7 or 8 and I lit a fire to my grandmother’s shag rug…just to see it burn. Unfortunately, my baby sister’s stroller was there. I KNOW what you’re thinking, but I promise it wasn’t intended to set HER on fire. I was playing carelessly and too young to know how quickly a rug made of synthetic fibers could burst into flames. I was chided harshly (deserving), but I could never shake that suspicion that I would harm my sister purposefully.

I still have a secret love affair with fire. There’s something about the colors that burning oxygen gives off to the naked eye…an involuntary pull to be swallowed by it, and hopefully…an 11th hour sense of self-preservation that keeps you from falling in.

The Thirteenth Day…

l to r: Tony, his daughter Amber, my mom in the white, Grandma, Daquan and Auntie

…a Christmas Day memory

I could go back in time, but I’d much rather love on the Christmas of 2012. I had one of the best Christmases ever since childhood this past December.

Firstly, It was one of the few Christmases I actually was excited for. I don’t know why. I normally shrug at holidays. Definitely not a fan of commercial days based on religious/historical inaccuracy or ritual. Anyway…I normally let my mom do her thing, go see our family and not care if I’m riding shotgun or not. This time was different.

For one, my Auntie (in the purple) would be visiting and staying a week with us. She’d moved down to NC in September. Also, my cousin Tisha and her family would be up from SC.

Daquan, Amber, Tisha and her husband, Tony

I was also able to give my godson Syre a cool Christmas. I got him a Transformer (Bumblebee, my favorite as well as his) and he loved it. I had fun playing Santa to my sister’s “stepson” and my niece (Joy’s daughter) Chloe. Joy and I also “put in” and gave my mom a Kindle Fire.

We went to Mt. Vernon and visited my grandmother ON Christmas AND the day after. The day after, because that’s when my uncle and his family usually come through.

Uncle Kenny
His wife (center) and his baby girl Megan (with the silly face) and Kaitlyn

We had a ball. We ate, laughed, chilled. I saw my father (he has those pics) and I could say that it was the first time since my grandmother passed that I was in her home without her there for the holidays. It was weird to see his girlfriend at the stove preparing food…like my grandmother did. Chile, don’t get me started. LOL

We also had a great Thanksgiving. We went down to Mt. Vernon and us cousins cut up. I have to share this pic, because it’s the four of us that grew up in the same house for so many years. So much so…we’re not cousins anymore. We’re brothers and sisters. Seeing these folks made my year!

My sister and I flanked by our “brothers”…Arthur (BOOBIE) on your left and Damyan on your right

It was a marvelous holiday and I’ll cherish it forever.

The Second Day…

yea, I pretty much started it…

…a day in elementary school
Well, what had happened was…
There was this boy I knew throughout school. He used to look at me sometimes and I’d get uncomfortable. Didn’t help that two other boys (I’ll call em JM & MJ by their initials) were instigating. We were in 5th grade, in an “Intermediate Humanities” class for very smart kids. Case and point that us smart kids were still stupid. lol
It started with…
“Kali’s your girlfriend, Mike!” 
I got heated. First of all..I liked the other guy…MJ. So, I was pissed that JM said it and that MJ went along with it. The hell? Don’t be passing me off on nobody else. 
“Nah uh…I don’t like him!!” I said vehemently.
Meanwhile, Mike just sat there shrugging them off. He didn’t say ONE mean word about me.
Mike was a sweet boy. He bothered no one. His best friend was his saxophone. He carted that thing everywhere he went. 
Me, with my mean self (Shut up y’all) wasn’t satisfied with just saying that I didn’t like him like that. Oh noooooo…I had to drive the point home.
“What’chu looking at stupid??” I shouted from across the arrangement of desks. Mrs. Brown had the desks arranged in a “U” shape…all of us facing one another and the open space at the end of the class with the chalkboard…Mrs. Brown’s podium. He told me to stop and I didn’t. He told me he was going to beat my ass…I laughed. 
I totally forgot about it. I went through my whole day not worried. Laughing with my friends, eating lunch, playing at recess and finally, packing my bag to go home.
Well, HONEY!! Mike’s ass was waiting for me. He whooped my ass. I couldn’t see outta one eye and I’m almost certain, the only punches I landed were on air.
I deserved it. lol
Later, down the road…he finds me on Facebook. (Mind you, I’d seen him YEARS before on a bus while on my way home from work. He was as sweet then as he was in elementary. Even told me he had a crush on me…but, I was in love w/a fool…as usual).
When he found me, he hit me up and wanted to talk to me, so we went to FB chat. We talked a little and I brought this story up. Do you know he did NOT remember beating my ass? LOL He was like I’m so sorry. I really am. I just said that I deserved it, laughed it off and we continued chatting. 
Mike Phillips aka Mike Philly…the saxophonist and Hidden Beach artist…beat me up. LOL
Truth is…that ass whooping ain’t stop shit. I was still NOT having anyone’s shit and fought boys all the time. I had to step my game up though…shit. LOL