Where My Mind Is

Lately my mind has been everywhere. I’ve got so many ideas that I can barely focus. There are SO many stories, blogs, poems, etc…swimming around in my mind’s pool…that I can’t focus on how to get them out one at a time.

I recently put up a new blog…an erotica blog. Fruits of Love is the place where all of my sexy, tawdry, and illicit tales go. I’ll be churning out stories in parts (usually 8, including an epilogue), erotic poetry and short stories, and from time to time the occasional freestyle blog on whatever is sexually seducing my brain. You know? Sex in relationships, mature thoughts and such.

So, hopefully…I won’t become TOO scattered that I can’t come and give my readers a quality look through my Kaleidoscope. I also am trying to reinvent my cooking blog “da Kween Can Burn“…and considering getting the Kween’s Kouch up and running on Blogtalkradio. I hear they need some quality shows. LOL (kidding).

Hang in there with me guys…I promise I wont fade into the dark or melt away. If I have to come here and give you all an update blog, I WILL remember to come to my base blog and give love.

In the meantime…don’t be shy…stop by the above highlighted blogs and leave your feedback there or here in the below comment section. Let the kween know if she’s keeping it royal! 😉