The Heart of the Season

Not too long ago…a friend of mine said that more people killed themselves around the holidays than any other time of the year. She said it was because of the loneliness that is magnified in a season where the focus is on love of family and friends. I’d heard that statistic before…and I wonder if it just seems that way because loss of life this time of year is amplified. We went back and forth for a minute, but neither of us researched it…I guess neither of us wanted to REALLY know.

I don’t like to buy into the whole ideology of holidays. Call me Debbie Downer or a Party Pooper. Whatever floats your boat. I got ragged on recently for being the one who doesn’t think kids should be mindlessly misled into believing in Santa. Hell, ESPECIALLY in this time of economic struggle…I tend to believe it is of absolute importance that kids know EXACTLY where their gifts are coming from. They SHOULD know as early as it is possible for them to understand, how mom/dad/guardian…works their asses off all year to fulfill Christmas wishes. And people wonder why their kids don’t appreciate the value of a dollar or life’s gifts. *shrugging*

My mother didn’t tell me Santa was real. She told me straight up that it was she and my dad and other family members who CARED enough to see me smile…that purchased gifts for me. That went to the trouble of wrapping and hiding them…all to see me and my sister glow come Christmas morning. I was always grateful for the things under my tree…because I knew where they came from. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t feed our kids a little imagination and fairy tale. Within fairytales lie moral finishes and fuel for dreams…but, I just wonder how healthy it is to keep kids believing in Santa way into their preteens. Anyway…this isn’t about that. Forgive me…I digress.

What I’m saying is…that values, family time, love, generosity (as mentioned in a previous post during Thanksgiving) shouldn’t be allocated to the last two months of the year. ANY time I can gather and love my family is a good time. It’s a WONDERFUL thing.

I say this, because I feel that even those who understand the truest meaning of this “holiday”…still at times get sucked into the feeling of loneliness, despair and feelings of displacement…if they don’t have people around them to truly appreciate them and show them…I said, SHOW THEM…that they mean the world. I would hope that this Christmas, in remembering it’s origin and spiritual context…all of you (those celebrating religiously/commercially) would remember to make someone’s day. Shine their night…by bringing some joy. Invite someone or a small family who may not have much over for dinner. Or stop by bearing gifts of love and time. Call someone and say, “I love you” (and mean it). Think of how you would feel to be alone and uncared for…and act in accordance to what you would want in that position.

I’ll post a blog every month of this upcoming year dedicated to love if that’s what it takes to spread love around. If it reminds you to slow down your supposed “busy life” to tend to a broken, lonely or just beautiful heart…then so be it. 

God bless and Happy Holidays…see you after Christmas…perhaps after the New Year. I love you all!


da Kween

I’mma F%#K Cupid UP! (V-Day Repost)

I never did like that lil naked fucka. I swear, who in the hell does he think he is? Flying around with his “wings” (which I really think are figurative for his drinking problem)…shooting people in the ass with arrows dipped in love. What’s his GOT dayum problem? Taking it upon HIMself to infect people with HIS idea of love. See, this is that shit. He’s just perpetuating the scandalous propaganda known as commercialism and mass indoctrination of social conformity. Yes, this “holiday” is just for the moneymakers who feed off of people’s desires to be coupled up. Making those who aren’t feel as if they’re somewhat incomplete without a mate. First off, he helped disfigure the heart. The heart does NOT look like a “V” with ass cheeks turned upside down. The heart looks more like a bagpipe instrument…or a balled fist with severed digits. Then he took the beautiful art of poetry and turned it into some sing-songy, sappy, corny ass (but sometimes sweet) expression of romance. Then, they dragged the candy industry into it, by trying to seduce the masses of women with chocolate, only to hold it against them when the shit hits their thighs 10 days later. They also made sex obligatory…I mean, shouldn’t you get bucket naked ALL the time with your boo? Roll around, skin rasslin’ with someone tryna pin each other down with ya inside and outside parts? HMPH!

OH, lets not forget the FLOWER industry. WOW. They took one of the most beautiful expressions of Nature’s love…roses especially, and hiked the price for them up 200% the week of Valentine’s Day. All to take the glory out of receiving a bouquet of spontaneous display.

Basically…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! May you get a card, flowers, candy and some hot jungle monkey sex from the object of your affections!