Wash and Wear


Today I got my hair done at a salon. This is big for me. I normally do my own hair. Whether it’s relaxing, washing, etc. I’ve been relaxer-free for 10mos and today was the first time I’ve taken a pic of my hair in it’s wet state.

I THOUGHT the lady who was going to do my hair was Dominican, but she turned out to be Ecuadorian. ::pause::

I walked in, asked for the wash and set and then unfurled my ponytail, loosed my hair and sat down. She says after a few minutes into my wash, “I thought your hair was short…”. Not understanding her completely (a small language barrier) I asked, “What do you mean? …because my hair was up when I came in?” …she says, “…well, yes…but, most of the people…you know who are color[ed] have short hair…” I giggled a little and decided to hush…hoping that my silence would hush her too…it did.


When she said what she said, I asked where she was from because I know that most Dominican people KNOW the range of textures that us Black girls have…hell, their hair can be as thick and kinky as ours. When she said she was from Ecuador…I figured that she most likely only kicks it with her own folks. Another thought that came to mind was that she’s the slow cousin they only let out to do hair. Either way…she did the damn thing. *shrugging*

I wanted my hair straight for my birthday weekend (Monday is my day)…but, I’m also confident that I can rock the hair ^^^^up there. What you see there is me 10 months since my last relaxer. Not bad. Once it’s all cut out and natural root-to-tip…I will be free. 🙂

The finished product…