Scared Love Gets No Love

When I say…that there is an influx of punk ass shit on the horizon, I mean it.

I sometimes feel alien to this world. Alien to  a society where the roles of men and women are flipped. Where women are the aggressors, on the hunt, slugging guys over the head with bats made of steel and fused with Love Potion #9. Where men are househubs, taking care of the kids, sipping on spritzers and nibbling on frozen treats with fancy names…holding Avon parties and shit. The woman…the breadwinner. The man…the bacon fryer. Or even it being as simple as, she’s the one calling the relationship shots…and he’s following her lead because he’s daunted by the possibility that she’ll decide NOT to follow. ~sigh~

Some men are spoiled prima donnas, who want to be provided for, coddled, and courted like a true débutante…and women are these thug ass females who drool at the mouth for a man. I won’t ask Where They Do That At…because I could point out some places without blinking or thinking. All, I’m concerned for is where the real men and women are. It is discouraging to feel like some men aren’t motivated to speak their piece to a woman of interest. I feel kind of sick to my stomach that there are a group of men in this world who don’t understand their role. I’m a woman of tradition and convention, with contemporary style. I am very aware of what’s up in 2010, yet I’m from a school of thought, that as a queen and lady of class…I am to be sought after and not to be in search of. What that means to me, is that a man is supposed to step up, stake his claim and then pursue until I’ve allowed myself to be caught. NOT chasing…PURSUING. I’m within reach to a man whose word is his bond and his intentions are duly followed by action. It is a fool that talks and talks…and talks *yawning*…and promises…who will find the path to me lengthening in front of him. I find nowadays women have taken the lead in epic numbers. They are the ones confessing interest. They are the ones asking for dates, paying for things, saying “I love you” and in some cases…proposing.

Is it just ME that finds the order of things to be a bit out of whack? Who are these men-children who are so afraid of rejection that they need for us to make the first moves to feel safe? Don’t they know that risk is involved when pursuing anything of importance. Hope and the possible failure of those hopes being dashed skip hand-in-hand down the road of life. It is inevitable that at SOME point in your life, your hopes will have been poked like floating bubbles. Does it mean you don’t try again? Does it mean that you become the opposite of your God-given nature in order to secure your fears? Why should someone else be laid bare for the sake of your insecurities, while you decide (or don’t) whether you still want to move forward?

Look, I’m not asking for guys to wear armor, nor offer livestock to their love interest’s family. I’m not saying that a woman should act docile and afraid to look a man in the eye. I’m just saying that I’d like to see some ADULT exchanges of energy. Two people, interested…unafraid of the risks, willing to be honest and open about what can be between them understanding that their success is relative to their own willingness to TRY. Is this too much to ask for?

‘Cause…just like scared money don’t make no money…scared love gets no love. Or do they even WANT it?

*adjusting my mental sac* LOL

Unrelated Randomness that is indirectly relative…this song has been in my head for days. I love this song. Perhaps…we shouldn’t be so willing to give up on love.