Dia Once~ Something People Seem To Compliment Me On The Most

I suppose that would be, “You’re so smart, Kali…”


I’m a smart chick. So what. I DO love learning and spreading the knowledge, but it’s the typical geek compliment to me. “You’re so smart…” “…well-spoken”…meow meow meow. It’s Aaaalllll God’s doing. He made me a smarty pants. I absorb, retain and do my best to apply what I learn. I’ve had my head in books since I was 3 and 4 and could read, write (in cursive as well), identify a rainbow of colors, count far beyond the scope of expectancy…all before entering kindergarten. “Look it Up” should be my middle name, since that’s what my mother has been saying to me since she knew I could read.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the compliment…but, damn…can someone tell a chick she FINE for once? LOLĀ 

I guess that’s the NEXT truth, huh?