Ok, this is PURELY a kudos blog to my niece Kasey!

Yesterday she graduated 5th grade and with HONORS! She know the president yall…ok, maybe she don’t KNOW that fool…but, she received a letter and pin from that asshole. If there’s nothing else he could do, it would be for him to make some really deserving children of the country feel appreciated for excelling and working hard all year.

This was not the only highlight of her day. She put on her dress and her shoes and walked out the house all bootyful and what not…but, she FELT it…and that’s the beauty in her beauty. That she recognized it. It is hard enough to get young girls at the tender age of 11 where they’re impressionable and susceptible to the pressure of fitting in, to see their worth…but, try telling that to our model-esque Kasey and you’d understand. She even got her ears pierced to top off the feeling she was having.

I’ve never laid eyes on her. Yet, to me, she’s a rare bird. One of those beautiful full-winged birds whose wingspan is record-breaking and whose stature dwarfs normal-sized birdies. Yet, who has the sweetest spirits and at the same time wields a mean peck when fucked with. One who can sing the prettiest birdsong and then can bust ya eardrums with a sorrowful wail. She’s our beautiful swan…the difference with her and normal swans…is she was never an ugly duckling. She’s a rare bird b/c she’s been beautiful and full-grown since birth. I cant wait to meet her.