The Thirty First Day…

…Bonus Day: Pick a day you haven’t described and share

Well, first off…THANK YOU CHALLENGE TAKERS!!! I appreciate all of those who have participated (and are finishing up) for taking on this little blog exercise. Once or twice a year I try to take one of these on to bring about a myriad of goals. I strive to have consistency in writing, to blog things that mean something to each and every one of us on a personal level and for you who have a blog (or 5 like me) …it’s a way to keep your audience’s attention. I go so long between blog posts that it feels like a ghost town, but these challenges keeps the writer in me and the blogger some love…on their toes.

On to this last day’s challenge…

I had a lot of days that I didn’t get to share. In retrospect, I found a lot of days that could’ve been a part of this challenge…but, hey…hindsight is 20/20. Anyway. I’m gonna play a little bit of “The Day I met…” and factor in MANY days, Hey! It’s my DAY, I’ll dump a whole buncha days in iffin I wanna!!! O_O

I’ll do it chronologically for my mind’s sake. lol:


la tres mariposas

Joy & Celeste: HA! I met Joy and Celeste on DECEMBER 6th of 2008! We’d been howdy-doodying online for a bit and decided to have a meeting of the butterflies. SO, Mama Butterfly, Butterfly Effect and the Celestial Butterfly met at Joy’s apartment in the Bronx and made a weekend of it. I ain’t gone tell y’all ALL of the debauchery and fuckshit that went down, just know…divorcing these two is NOT an option…we all know too much about each other. ctfu

OH, that sucka JOY? FIRST thing she said to me upon meeting me at the train station, “DAMN  Kiwi…you LIGHT-skinneded!!” yea…that is why I punch her every time I see her. lol

a diva and an almond

DIVA: I met Diva on an October weekend in 2009. (I think it was ’09). Anyway. Joy and I went to the airport, picked her up, hopped a taxi and headed to the SAME hotel I had my birthday weekend in 3+ years later! We had fun. We went to MAC and got make up, went out to eat, got drunk, talked shit, and had SOME one O_O send us a nassy pic to which we passed around like drunken college boys. lmaooo. GOOD times I tell ya…GOOD times.

three smexy summabiscuits

Maria: On the weekend of 911 in 2011, Joy and I met Maria in Times Square with her then-boo and we commenced to cut up. I got a little tipsy, but that’s par for the course. lol We ate, laughed, took pics around the table and had the best couple of hours we could fit in until Ria had to go. 😦 …it was on THAT weekend that I found out Maria ain’t THAT much taller than me. Yea, she thought she’d be towering over me. NOT. psssh…old delusions of grandeur type shit. lol

deebo and kali simpson lol

DeAnna: Me and Dee met in Boston, Mass on the weekend of June 29th 2012…because she was stalking Phil Perry’s schedule. lol She wanted to go somewhere she’d never been with someone she’d never met and I fit the bill. hehe. She invited me and paid for me to get to her. (Isn’t she a doll?) I got there first and waited impatiently for her. I kept looking out the door like, “Where the hell she at?”.  She’d had a delay and got there just in time to not be TOO late for Phil’s performance. We swayed and took pics of him in the dark *ctfu* and once it was over? I LOST her. She’d tracked that man down and I looked up to see that she’d snapped a pic with him. I turned my back for ONE minute…goodness. lol.

We also went on a boat ride, which was lovely…and found a reason to keep going to the concierge for the sinful chocolate chip cookies out of the magic ubbin behind the desk. Doubletree is the DEBIL for that. (I can taste ’em now…)

squeezing for a pic…wife, dat sucka and me. lol

Tina: I met my Wife [insider] on my birthday weekend this year.  The ORIGINAL plan was for Tina to come before the Christmas holiday, but we couldn’t get it together quick enough in that time frame. I suggested she come and spend my 40th with me [and Joy] instead. It was my 40th after all and I’d love for her to be one of the folks I shared it with. So the party snowballed from there. I swear, Joy, Tina and me are frickin CLOWNS. We stayed laughing the entire time. Tina got to meet some old friends of mine as well as my sis, cousin and godsis. We promised we’d have another chance SOON to do more cutting up.

I’m looking forward to not only spending more time with these ladies, but meeting MORE friends in the near future. I can’t wait to see who I meet next!! *singing* “Rolling with the homieeeees”

***did you all pick up on the running theme? once I met Joy…we rolled together meeting everyone else (except in Dee’s case). Ha! 

The Truth of Trust

A few weekends ago I had a ball. A friend of a friend who is now my friend, flew in from Detroit. She’s been by association a cool person to e-know, but this particular weekend I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance. Diva, as she is known online came through to celebrate her birthday here in NY, so we (myself and our mutual friend) tried to make her feel as welcome as possible.

Between dinners, breakfast, drinks, the MAC store and picture taking…we had fun. What I liked the most was the ability for 3 totally different women with totally different backgrounds/upbringings…to be absolutely drama-free and trusting enough to forge a bond. Not only did I learn a lot about my new friend…I learned about myself as well. Nothing TOO bad *wink*…lol…just a reaffirming of some cool qualities that I wasn’t sure about before. YEP…even the kween has stumbled. *gasp…I KNOW right?* No, for real…people tend to get an image of me in their head as the good girl…and though it is majorly true…it’s not all I am. I try consciously everyday to be a better me. I try to be forthcoming and genuine in my relationships with others and pride myself on being honorable about intentions and behavior…yet I too, tend to walk a fine line of doing right and wrong. Talking to these two ladies (by the way, their names are Joy & Tracey)…made me realize that growing isn’t just about moving forward…but it’s about change. It’s about transformation based on experience and application which equals wisdom. To have a meeting of the minds with people and know that you’re being looked at for the person you are and not what they want you to be is a good feeling…and that feeling is amplified, when typical Internet horror stories are debunked and true friendships are formed over this thing affectionately called cyberspace. That weekend, we TRUSTED each other. Trust can be a hard thing to establish on the Internet.

I have had a few bad experiences. From people pretending to be someone they’re not (figuratively and literally), to back-biting, dramatic females who aim to maim my reputation and character (without success)…to a few dating debacles. YET…in the four ACTIVE years of my e-life…I’ve managed to get WAY more positivity out of this place than not.

I found a forum for my writings…which helped to relieve me of a longtime fear to share my works. I found some of the best friends in the world. I found love. I found my voice…and at the same time…I didn’t lose that thing about myself that a lot of people tend to lose interacting online…my humanity. The ladies and I discussed how we have often heard so many people refer to the Internet as nothing but a source of entertainment. That statement used to get on my nerves because regardless of how easily you may turn of your computer (if some of these folks ever do) these are PEOPLE on the other side. You’re bound to be affected by something you’ve read. I have bonded emotionally and spiritually with people I’ve met and some I haven’t…so, I know it to be true. The antiquated thinking, that Internet folks are crazy…is really a false sense of security. You can meet crazy face-to-face and never know it. I met crazy…and he never entered a chat room, social site or barely an email. I’ve met women, who have as much drama in their lives, if not more OFFLINE than anywhere else. The people online ARE the people offline…just hidden and more anonymous. Drama wearing screen names and danger wearing smiley faces. Remove the computer and you still have threats to your sanity, peace of mind and physical life. More than anything it’s about learning how to trust your judgment and remembering that you too are flawed and have layers. No one is ever one thing 100% of the time. We fluctuate between the best of ourselves and the demons we’re fighting against…but, what is the best feeling in the world aside from love…is knowing that you’ve learned enough about life to catch yourself on or offline…making better decisions when inviting people into your life. What is invaluable as an adult…is to know that you’ve learned to trust YOURSELF. I say it all of the time when speaking on trust, “The person who trusts no one cant be trusted. Someone who trusts no one, doesn’t trust their own judgment…and therefore would sacrifice other’s feelings and lives in order to protect self.”  I stick by that…if you don’t believe it…think on the person who betrayed you and ask yourself in retrospect how much that person REALLY opened up to YOU. How many things did you find out AFTER the fact as opposed to being within the relationship. How many times were you openly and/or passively accused of committing betrayals you hadn’t…you will see.

That weekend, I met someone new…and it is a standing confirmation of what I’ve known for two years now…trusting others is as important as trusting yourself. If you don’t…you’ll miss out on new and exciting adventures that await a person willing to transform by way of life’s experiences rather than be crippled by fears. I’d rather trust and be betrayed, than be alone in my fear to trust.

Thanks for the lovely weekend ladies!