Notes of Keys

Some things I could use right about now…

A big, strong hug…strong and long

A Snuggie…perhaps made for two if I could get the above

A stiff drink…lol. I’m considering hitting this Patron again that my girl gave me…except this time, I’ll mix it with some sour mix. Da Kween is NOT a drinker!

A trip to somewhere tropical with drinks that boast fresh fruit and a man fresher than the fruit. The fruit in the drink…not me…being kiwi. *hehe*

I’d love a beautiful bouquet of flowers…I love roses, tulips, orchids, Gerbera daisies, jasmine, stargazer and tiger lilies and magnolia.

My phone. I need to replace this one. I’m gonna get the LG Neon
I want to get Melanie Fiona’s new CD

I want to see my grandmothers. Mary & Josephine are some of my favorite people…they’re in the top 5! 🙂

A day out with my daddy

I want my oven fixed so I can jump head first into Thanksgiving preparations. I have stuff to make damnit. Sweet Potato Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Apple Pie, BBQ Smoked Roast, Mac n Cheese, Stuffing, Roasted Chicken with Orange, Candied Yams, warm rolls. LOL (Yall hungry yet?)

I want to upgrade to a Mac Notebook or just a new PC with Windows 7 *rubbing on my current laptop named Kiwi-Boo* I love her, too. LOL

Last but certainly not and never least…to give those I love peace, good health, and relief from their stresses…but, that’s a prayer that’s already and always in my heart.

What do YOU want right now?