Tat my AYASS!! WTF??

I was watching “Real Chance at Love” and these hoes done lost they Rabid Ass Rabbit minds! For those that don’t know, this is a reality show spun off from a spin off. Real and Chance are brothers who both vied for New York’s love….who once…no TWICE vied for Flavor Flav’s love…who was in love with Brigette Nielson. *phew* Now, that you’re caught up…


Chance, challenges his “stable” of chicks on their “love” for him…buy having them get tats for him. One chick gets a “K” on her neck…and her own name doesn’t begin with one. HIS real name is Kamal. One chick is getting the word “Stallionaires” on her shoulder which is the trademark the 2 brothers share for their music company. Now, there’s a chick they call “Rabbit” who actually ISN’T out of her mind and gets a Chinese symbol. She tells him it means chance, but it really means love…now THAT hoe is smart! LMAO

I know people get tattoos for people all of the time. Love makes you do ignorant shit…I’m sure we’ve all been there at one time or another…but, this takes the cake. FIRST of all, I am not marking my body for NO mofo. I barely wanna put my own name on me. (Even though I’m considering an alternative and getting Kiwi) but still…to do this for someone who hasn’t even chose your ass yet is outdamnrageous! What if this dumb hoe loses? Then she’s got a K on her ass for as long as she CAN’T afford to have it removed.

I mean, the prize ain’t even money…shit. It’s THEM negroes…and we all know what happened on all of the countless “love” series on VH1. EVERY LAST ONE has broken up. (Because they need to do a part 2 for ratings) So, um…do you know what is wrong with these people? Can someone tell me that “I” am the one inhaling noxious fumes…cuz this be some BULLSHIT! Would you do this for someone? Have you? Don’t be scurred. LOL