Happiest 2nd Birthday, Syre Boo!

Today is my little Pufnstuf’s 2nd birthday. He was born early…2 whole months early. His mom was supposed to be on bed rest, but the bills demanded that she work. My godson Syre Christopher was brought into the world and became a ray of sunshine for all who love him.

He endured a couple of surgeries and a couple of months in the hospital. When he came home from the hospital, his mom and dad rented a limo to bring the little star home. He was so small…but so strong. I saw him in the hospital. I saw him a month after his trip home…and then again a few months later for his 1st Christmas. A whole year went by without seeing him. I saw him again on Christmas of 2008. We saw him frequently into the New Year, and then his mom asked for my help. It was then…about 2 days after my birthday…that I returned home with her and Syre. I stayed in DC for 2 months caring for him, waking up with him everyday.

That little boy is a TRIP. I’d wake up and he’d be standing over me like 3am smiling. He has a sense of humor to rival some adults. He knows EXACTLY when he’s being funny. Take that picture up there. It’s one of my faves. His mom and I were talking, just gabbing along…both of us on our laptops…when we looked up and he had on her new beret. He had it tilted right and everything, with this smirk on his face like, “Am I funny…huh?” Of course Auntie had to flip out the camera phone and take pics. Too hilarious for words. There were so many more moments like those. I got to bond with him, teach him…and in the interim…learn from him as well.

I miss him like crazy. Happy Birthday, Syre. Godmommy loves you.

Going Home…Soon

So…my time in DC is coming to a close. I will be going home on Tuesday for good…or at least for a while. I had a good time. I really did. I remember at first not wanting to come here, feeling in some way that I’d be “inconvenienced”. Now, I realize that my coming here was as much for me as it was for the case of Syre. I had a different kind of “freedom” so to speak, while here. I slept less (lawd knows I did) but, I lived more. Being around my godson has been a joy. He may have kicked year two off the hinges (and his birthday is in May) but he’s still a good baby. I hope he learned something from me. I hope that he will remember me well. Well…he should. I spanked that booty today because he unscrewed, opened and “painted” with his mom’s nail polish…neon pink…on the carpet! LOL

I’ve gotten a chance to meet a couple of friends…not everyone I intended. Hopefully before Tuesday, I will at LEAST get to see one or two more. To be so close, yet so far…is wack as throwback Chinese slippers. I became closer to my godson’s mom, Aly. I thought I knew her, but I spent a LOT of time around her and realize how much she’s grown up since I met her. She was 19 when I met her…a spoiled little brat. Now, she’s a grown woman…grinding out, taking care of her child alone. I have a lot of respect for the sister I call “Pippy” (cuz she has so much energy). We truly took our friendship to another level these past 2 months.

I’ve snapped a few pics, gotten some peace of mind…LOST some *lol*, almost had to beat someone’s mama. Almost had to beat some hood rat. God truly DOES watch over babies and fools…cuz them fools coulda got it.

I got a chance to truly back away from the net at a time when my heart was in knots and my mind in a fog. I got clarity that you cant pay for. I had time to get my head together and be away from home. Not bad. Later, DC…it was good. I might actually visit again. LOL