Make Me Over

My girls and I met up the other weekend. We were SUPPOSED to get into some make up, but we got sidetracked with some drunkenness. LOL My sister and I have been in love with make up for a while. My sister has a professional make up brush set from Chanel among 2 other sets and we love make up from NARS, Cargo, MAC, and even the mainstream marketers like Loreal and Revlon. We love colorful stuff and like to switch up looks, but I haven’t been wearing much make up lately. So, I’m excited to get back into the girly stuff.

I’m kind of hoping that my artistic flair for colors and drawing will branch off into some really cool looks for me and the girls. The weekend after my birthday (1-10-09) we’re supposed to meet in NJ for a slumber party. I haven’t had one of those in a while. The hostess, Ms Curvy Queen herself is having a Mary Kay party and we’re to extend it into a girls’ night. Soooo, I’ve been looking for cool sites that talk about make up (especially eye shadow) and give us a few ideas.

So far, I’ve landed on a couple of sites that I found through my friend’s site. [FUNG’KE] [BLAK] [CHIK] There, I found two sites (so far) which seem really cool. Pumps and Gloss and Clumps of Mascara. I’m still reading through the blogs, so who knows what cool stuff I’ll learn. I’ve also began following diva on a dime. Butterfly Effect (or BE as we call her) has been watching video tutorials on Youtube for application. We’re gonna help our butterfly sister, Curvy find her make up swagger. MY swagger is about to get SICKER (b/c it’s already pretty sick) LOL

I’ll be sure to chronicle the hotness that is Keys/Kiwi 😉