Nuttin BUT the Debil!!

I went out with my sister today to run a few errands. We had to swing by the bank to pay the rent. Now, lemme give you a little background. My sister is fresh off of major surgery…like 2 weeks, so she’s really just getting her self back on the road. She’s ALSO impatient as hell.

So, after we went to the bank where the rent goes…we went to HER bank. I was on a mission. I wanted some wine…so as she was depositing, I was withdrawing from the liquor store. LOL We left there and walked down to the Chinese place and ordered. (I had 4 chicken dim sum…yum) Until the order was to be picked up we had about 20mins. My sister decided she wanted to go look in the clothing store to see what they had in the way of lounge wear. Being that she’s got four more weeks off, she needs stuff to kick around in and because she mostly buys work or evening clothes…she had none. SO, we go to the store which is right by Wal-Mart. I say, I’m going to Wal-Mart..and immediately she grunts. She hates that store. She’s like, “How long is it gonna take?” I tell her not long at all.

I immediately begin speed walking from the clothing store to Wal-Mart and I promise you it was like the DEBIL! The FIRST thing I spot is 2 old ladies taking up the ENTIRE expanse of the doorway. One with a cart going at 0 miles…and the other with a walker…just standing there. I was like AW COME ON LADIES! (in my head of course)…one finally moved a millimeter and I got through. So, I’m speed walking again…only for me to then end up behind a dude who I thought originally was about to fall over…only to realize he was disabled and his walk was erratic. Now, I’m like…ok. This ain’t funny…forreal! I finally get past him and shoot over to the lotion. *check* then the incense *check* and as I’m basically burning 100 or more calories speed walking BACK from the rear of the store, here goes Mr. and Mrs. Oldypants! He’s leaned over pushing the cart and she’s obliviously browsing. I cut to go through another aisle only for IT to be blocked. I swear I kept bumping into folk…OLD folk or special people. I paid for my stuff and left…just in time for her to be at the check out. But they REALLY should’ve had “The Flight of the Bumblebee” playing. SHEESH!

*I know…I’m going to hell*