Chicks, Butterflies and Hamsters

So, who HASN’T been on Facebook yet? It’s the DEBIL I tell ya…lol. I got this page a over a year ago at the urgency of my friend, Tish. She swore it was so much fun…but, I hated that I had to ok apps left and right and that I couldn’t do more with the page. So basic…*sigh*. Fast forward to a few months back, my family begins filing in…starting with my cousins in college. Next thing I know most of my immediate family and closest friends are on my page. THEN comes the elementary and high school folk. Well, just a few days ago…a friend found me there and within a 36hr period of accepting her request, she posts a class picture from our 6th grade class. Now, we were in “the smart class”. It was called IH (Intermediate Humanities). We experienced a few things that most didn’t. We incubated eggs and got baby chicks in 21 days. We were then given the opportunity to take a chick home over night, but that was a special privilege for the ones who earned it (I took home a lil yellow one). We also got to feed larvae, watch it morph into a caterpillar and eventually cocoon into a butterfly. Releasing them was bittersweet. I wanted to keep mine…but, of course they must fly. We had a pet hamster as well…CP (Class Pet). HE was fawned over until he had see through babies. LOL I remember how a few of the girls and I drew in a sketch book and created stories.

I remember how, Mrs. Brown our teacher (my favorite) would allow a few of us to “stay up” for lunch in the empty classroom. We had a huge class on the 3rd floor adjacent to the music class…and we had a stage. I remember dancing and singing on that stage with the girls, doing Michael Jackson’s latest steps.

I had such great memories attached to these people. One guy, Mike Phillips…told me today that he thought I was sooo sexy, because he loved the way I carried myself in my pics. Unafraid to let people see who I really was (instead of posting old ass pics) LMAO. Mike was the kid who kept his instrument…a sax with him 24/7. He had a crush on me in elementary…which must have been LOVE…cuz he beat me up after an altercation in class. LOL. He got amnesia and “didn’t recall” whooping my ass…but, that niggum shut my eye. (I think I embarrassed him). Oh, Mike went on to sign with Hidden Beach Records and has played alongside such artists as Jill Scott and Prince. I am so proud of him…his dedication to his sax, something a lot like Lisa Simpson’s…has paid off and he’s living his musical dream. Good for you, Mike!

I also found my friend Renee’, who as we were leaving high school had fallen ill with renal failure. She was my ROLL DAWG! Circumstances moved us apart and in spite of several attempts to contact her…we drifted. I dreamed of her often, wondering…praying that she’d recovered. Finding her was indeed a blessing. She’d lost so much weight and was barely recognizable…except for that smile. Wide and strong…that smile hasn’t changed.

…There is a down side to these reunions. Within the last few months…a young woman from that class picture up there died. Rachel Mack had leukemia and succumbed recently. Finding that out was heartbreaking. I remember us kids going to Rachel’s house for lunch, which was only 2 blocks away from the school. She and I used to compete for who had the best penmanship…I won. LOL What’s so weird is that I’d dreamed of her as well a few times in this past year. Almost in excess…which of course further freaked me out. She was in every class I was in from K to 6.

Rachel…rest in peace, girl. I remember you well. God bless your spirit and your family’s, too. Like the butterflies…I pray your soul flies high.