Obligatory Blog

*running in and sliding behind laptop*
Well, I’ve been out gathering the goods for Thursday’s Bird Worship. I had to get a few things, like the pot roast, carrots and potatoes for one of the main dishes. Mom scooped up a “fat hawg” as Paula Deen says…along with some of the BIGGEST damn turkey wings known to man. I’m launching a full investigation into the missing ostrich, vulture or hawk…possibly lost in the vicinity of the mercado in my city. lol 
It never fails that a day or so before and after holidays…people get right down ignorific. One woman in Stop n Shop kept cutting my mom off like we were on the highway and she was driving her classic C class Mercedes and my mom was driving a broke down Civic. Clearly she don’t know my mom…shit…we drive a Camry, dude! LOL My mother is a minister…but, um…she still got a little kuntree girl in her. TRUST, she ain’t wrapped too tight. It could’ve been her arse. THEN, when we were about to pull up in a spot near the mercado…this chick swerves into the spot we were going to park in. I KNOW that heffa saw my mom angling for that spot. Funny how she pretended to be fixing her wack ass hair when we pulled past her slow like this was Boyz n the Hood in that bitch. We from a NC tribe called Whup-a-hoe!
I got the Nilla Wafers I promised sis I’d buy (if I wanted banana pudding) LOL. I’m ready to eat already. You know what I’m most hungry for? Stuffing. And sis’ mac n cheese. It’s dangerous man…it’ll make you smack a black mama…you gotta know you’re going to your grave and this is just WORF the trip. LMAO
Any who and any how…I’m hungry and will be having a cheese dog for dinner. DAMN I cant wait for the feast…leftovers will make my weekend PERFECTO!
So, there’s my obligatory blog for the day. Toodles Boo Boos 🙂