A Fly Chick and a Diva!

I love it when people’s passions translates into something tangible…something that stands as a manifestation of their taste, talent and determination. Whether it’s a man or woman…I want to stand by the creator of something beautiful with all that I can do. So many of us have talents and abilities that we say we want to grow and be recognized but what we do is coddle it in familiar territory for fear of expansion. We all know that once it expands by demand, it becomes a heavy responsibility to maintain that craft. Yet…if you think big…you never know who you can touch with the passion to begin their own passionate plunge into self-made business. Not QUITE the lemonade stand…but a bigger version of that. lol

I have two talented ladies to laud today. One is my girl Yesha. She’s known to the cybersphere as the FlyBlackChick. She’s UBER savvy with the ways of the net and how to capitalize off of it’s popularity. She was the one who inspired me to create this blog, because the now defunct social network we were on several years ago seemed far too small to share my ideas with. She also helped a friend of ours find ways to make money with his very popular blog with everything from political satire to a weekly sex blog for the grown, sexy and witty. She’s definitely good at helping the newbies of the net make their mark online. She’s been designing her own blog’s site for the longest…so of course…she designs others’. She also helps with social media and site development. GO…visit her site if you need ideas to give your site a professional face or need help in building up your business’s reach.


My next friend has been designing jewelry for the better part of a decade…going on 6 or more years of wowing us with her unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. She has the funkiest names for her lines and loves using colors…to express her very airy Aquarian art. I’ve actually had the link to her site on the side of my blog for over a year now…almost two. I pray you ladies (and gentlemen with ladies) are utilizing that link! *eying you* O_O lol

I received a pair of her hammered earrings from her “Bangin’ Beauties” line, yesterday and I was way too excited. I KNOW there will be more GGX in my future. I’ve got a couple of customized ideas for her, too. She’s flexible that way. For instance, my friend at work loves the earrings and though they come in silver, copper and gold…she wants to see if she can get it in a colored metal…like blue. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gina (Ms. GGX herself) found the metal to do it AND started a new line of colored hammered earrings! That’s how she does…she takes off with a base idea and cultivates it with a vast vision.

EVERYONE who saw my earrings, loved…Loved…LOVED them. What all the ladies at the job were most impressed with (besides the fact that the earrings when visually connected formed a ¬†butterfly) …was that they were lightweight. They don’t weigh the ear down. You get that elongated or large hooped look without the damage to your lobes. That’s important for me since my lobes are sensitive and have a tendency to hurt from heavy earrings…even studs!

She has an Etsy site in addition to her own GGX Jewels site…and has a Facebook like page for her fans to photographically journal their journey in to the GGX experience…Glamour Girl Xpressions is JUST THAT…it’s glamourous and expresses the inner diva of each and every customer. GETCHUSUM!!!


Below are the ladies’ sites to check out for yourself!

Fly Chick Media
FlyBlackChick ~ The Blog


GGX on Facebook
GGX’ Official Site

Passion Into Profit

Ok, I put out a tweet a while ago, asking for people who had small businesses they wanted to promote…whether it be their own, or a fave they patronized. I have seen a few people in my immediate circle of on and offline peeps kicking off their side hustles, so I wanted to give them some play.

I’ll start with the family. My aunt-in-law is selling Lia Sophia jewelry. I’ve seen their stuff up close and personal and it’s NICE. Great quality jewelry with cool designs for the modern and traditional woman. Go by the site and take a look-see and be sure to tell her that her niece sent you. (Maybe I’ll get a hook-up) LMAO (j/k)!!

The next is a line of jewelry by a cool chick that I plan meeting really soon. She’s from the DMV area and she’s the mom of my godson’s future wife. HA! I digress…Ms Gina is making it do the damn thing. Glamma Gurl Xpressions (or GGX Jewels) is her other baby. Her Fung’kee Fing’Hers caught my attention first and then slowly she’s been branching off into other collections like, She’s So Shore…jewels inspired by summer tones. DO take a look, it is the most uniquely beautiful jewelry I’ve seen in a while…AND she’s nice on your wallet. Make sure to read the testimonials. She’s all the rave!!

One of Ms. Gina’s friends (and mine), Tracey also raves on another jeweler whose creations are starkly original. Her site 88 Links is worth a visit. I don’t know much about her, but from the looks of it, she’s quite the talent. I began following her on Twitter and retweet her posts to get the word out about her business. Don’t be shy…stop by.

The last business (for this blog) is “The Soap Seduction” which ended up in my lap through my girl Yesha, author of [fung’ke][blak][chik]. She said that the soaps, “Looked so good they make you want to eat them…”. When I took a gander…I agreed. I am highly considering buying some very soon (when the funds are right)…even though I’m afraid they’ll end up being fixtures in the house…I hate to use pretty stuff. LOL

Please do stop by and at least give these ladies’ businesses a try. I respect and support people’s passions. Creativity and drive are not always commonly met in a time when the economy forces people to work dead end jobs to make ends meet. To see that there is still a creative spark left and that people are turning their passion into profit is a beautiful thing…and I’m all for beautiful things. God’s speed to EVERYONE venturing out into a business of their own.

Don’t forget to hit the icons on the top right of the blog to see my faves. I may be rotating them soon…just to give everyone’s endeavors a shot at the spotlight.