Stamp of Approval

Well it seems that Ms. Mahogany Dymond has given me the stamp of approval for “Best Blog”. I haven’t received one of these in a while, so it’s cool. Lemme get started…

Once winning the award I have to:
Share seven random things about myself

~I have white food texture issues. I hate: cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla pudding and yogurt, tapioca /rice pudding, and straight milk.  Sorry, I’m a food bigot. lol (though I will eat cheesecake, dip made w/sour cream, chocolate pudding and chocolate milk) 
~I crack my ankles all day
~Bugs of all kind creep me out…why are you HERE? LOL
~I have a tendency to hold my tinkle…lol
~I think most canned food is nasty…ew.
~I’m a word whore
~If I could…I’d never wear the same pair of underwear twice. LOL

Pass the award to 15 bloggers


I don’t have 15…but this is close enough. I ain’t gone tell em either, I’mma let em show up and find themselves. LOL


Answer the following questions
Favorite colour: Yellow
Favorite song: Adore by Prince
Favourite dessert: Red Velvet Cake
Biggest pet peeve: Fuggin Liars
When you are upset, you: CUSS
Your favorite pet: meow
Black or white: Black
Biggest Fear: S n a k e s (of all kinds)
Best feature: My heart
Everyday attitude: What can I learn…
What is perfection: Finding your place in life
Guilty pleasure: Reality TV (send help)

I’m Beautifully Versatile…OW!

The lazy bean blogger I’ve been…I haven’t rightfully and officially claimed the awards granted me, by Champ one of my fave Twitter constituents. He awarded both to me over a week ago and I never got around to accepting. THANK YOU, Champ for considering me for both. I very much appreciate that you see me as either and I also thank you for your support to my blogs.

I am supposed to list 7 Random Facts about myself…sooooo…here it goes!

~I have a tendency to draw cats and babies. Both tend to lock eyes with me when seeing me in the street. Strange babies always want to wave and smile…and if they can talk they say hi immediately (sometimes even to the shock of their own parents). Cats will follow me all the way to their “invisible leash” on the block. I even meow, getting a meow in return 🙂

~I love to cook…and moderately love to eat…but, I prefer meatless meals. I often give my portion away at restaurants and will enjoy a meatless pasta dish quicker than one with meat included. I however DO have my moments when meat is the sole proprietor of my plate. lol

~I am weird. Some call me crazy (the fuckas) and for the more politically correct…I SEE shit. I love when people sleep on me. I love that folks think me gullible and naive. I see far more than anyone’s mouth can confess…so be careful what you hide from me…that hidden detail sticks out like a sore thumb.

~I’m in love with butterflies…it’s been that way since elementary school. YET, I secretly want to be a dolphin 🙂

~I’m mean. Yep. The kween is MEAN! I am sweet…but my spice is HABENERO hot. My tongue is legendarily sharp. I just so happen to know how to keep it bridled. *nodding like a true master*

~I am weak for one person in this world…my mom. Fuck with her…and it’s a wrap.

~I’ve been in love once in my 37 years…and it was with someone I never got to touch. Greatest lesson I’ve learned to date about love.

Champ picked 5 bloggers for each award…I’m going to pick 5 in total:

Butterfly Effect
Caprice Starbrite
Mr. Controversy

da Royal Blog Award~Regal Excellence

I, Kween have created my very own blog award. This award is dedicated to the “regal excellence” in blogging. I read blogs that have my respect…not just in content, but in passionate writings that are simply hard to resist. Writing for me is an art, so I take into consideration all those wonderful literary qualities. Witty Banter. Class. Literary flow. The loyal readers…but not just for the quantity, but for the like minded crowd they draw, exchanging and debating tactfully. It’s a beautiful thing…a regal thing.
I have a few stipulations…
Name 7 blogs that keep you in awe with it’s originality and class. Inform them of their award in royal style…and fill out the 10 regal things about yourself. And post the award on your blog to show off your accolades. My blogs are…
~anywhere in the rain~ She’s a phenomenal writer with great talent in blogging AND photography…
~Black ‘n Bougie~ I love her wit and her brash opinion…
~CurvyGurl Chronicles~ Absolutely, a literary genius…her words are so inspiring
~Me…being Anonymous~ This lady’s posts make me want to step my prose up. LOVE the way she writes…
~My Twisted Mind~ My little brother in spirit…but, his opinion is as wicked as it is twisted…yet, you learn a new way to see things…
~Black Twitterati~ They praise blog kweens and kings all across the blogosphere…there’s nothing better than being supported…except maybe supporting others. True royalty over there…
~Change One Thing…Change Everything~ A blog by Butterfly Effect…a dear friend of mine. This is deserving because well…I only roll with kweens. Seriously…she’s got a very raw and unique perspective and she’s not afraid to share her world to the bone. That in and of itself is the beauty of a regal blogger…
NOW…answer these 10 regal questions…and spread the love.
  • your kween/king theme (the song that best describes you): ADORE~PRINCE *ha!*
  • your kween/king dream (the thing you’d want to leave as a legacy): LOVE
  • your most kweenly/kingly quality: COMPASSION
  • your dream location: MY OWN ISLAND
  • your kween/king crush: IDRIS ELBA..YUM!!
  • your kween/king’s meal: THE ONE MADE BY MY SOUL MATE FOR MY PALATE ONLY
  • your majesty’s fave day to date (an event): THE DAY I GOT MY RING
  • your highness’ fave color: YELLOW…THE COLOR OF SUNSHINE 😀
  • your kween/king guilty pleasure: REALITY TV
  • your kween/king’s most unusual talent: lol…LETS JUST CALL EM THE THIGHS OF DEATH! LMAO

And Another One…

My girl :::the.kisser::: strikes again…she shows me so much love!! I had to indeed hook her up with the last award passed to me, so because of that I can’t really tag her this go round. Don’t worry…I’ve got plenty to choose from. Even some newbies 🙂

So in keeping with the rules of this blog award, I will list 8 folks who make me wanna look ALL UP in their window!
TMI blog award rules
*post the award on your blog
*list 8 things a voyeur / peeping tom could potentially catch you doing if they were watching you
*award up to 8 bloggers who match the criteria this award
*make sure they know you enjoy peeping through their windows
8 things a peeping tom could catch me doing…
~Talking to myself…and answering
~Singing like I was on stage
~Writing of course….ad nauseum
~Cackling loudly at the TV
~Taking pics of myself
~Feeling up my b(0)(0)bs 🙂