Word 16: Hole

Picture leads to article by Charlotte Meredith on black hole phenomena 


Holes in stories…
Stories untold…
untold stories…
stories unfold…

[you’re sucking up the energy]

Holes in your character…
your character ain’t whole…
but if your whole character…
IS a gaping hole…

[you’re bottomless]

Fill yourself up
Go deep if you will
Fill your self-dug holes
With more than just swill

[things become lost in you]

will swallow you whole…

The Sixteenth Day…

Syre Christopher at 1 and a half

…the day of a child’s birth (family or close friends apply)

Who else would this be about beside the kid I love like my own?

Syre was born May 12th, 2007…two months early to his mama Alyhana. Aly and I met through my sister. They worked together when they were younger and became fast friends and eventually spirit sisters. The last time I saw Aly before Syre was born, she was rounding in the belly and eating something she hated…calamari. It seemed like we had just visited when we got the news she’d given birth early. My sis and I were only able to get to DC once throughout his stay, but we both connected with him. It was there that I named him “Pufnstuf” because he was swollen from the medication.

During his hospital stay, I remember going on the site I was on and sharing my concerns and asking for prayers. One woman (whom I can’t recall for the world of me) told me that my godson’s name meant “oxygen; breath of life” in Norse. Well…I took that as a sign that he’d be FINE…and he was.

When they came to visit Aly’s mom (who lives near us), my sis and I jumped at the chance to see our darling. He was so tiny. He slept the entire time.

I got a chance in 2009 to spend a couple of months with him. His mom needed a hand and I stayed with them for almost three months. We bonded and I had a wonderful time meeting a couple of people who I’d never met and spending time with Joy & Celeste, who drove from NY/NJ to visit me at Aly’s. As a matter of fact…it was at THAT time that Syre decided he was gonna dance for Ms. Celeste. HILARIOUS. My baby had and has such personality. (Doesn’t everyone say that about their kid? lol) Check him out!

Lawd, he cut UP!! We did, too!! That’s Joy and me narrating the baby’s dance. lmaooo

This child was a piece of work. We had a great time together and I hated for it to end. While there, I was able to get over and through something I was experiencing because of that little face. He’d cup Auntie’s face and say, “Aunny? Baby?” lol…priceless.

Syre “PIerre” acting silly! (NO one put him up to this)

He literally walked over, put his mom’s hat on and leaned in and looked at me like, “Hahaaa…who am I? Just guess!” LOL

Buy the kid a toy…he prefers the box.

I promise he thought that box had  wheels…he treated it like a car. He’d pack it up and jump in like it had gas…

All I had to do was say, “Cheeeeese”

I look kinda young there…lol (Oh hush)

He’s getting so big and handsome…

Last time I saw him he had an outgrown Mohawk…but, before long he had it back. Here’s a pic of him with his mom and my sis during that visit. It seemed almost impossible to get them ALL to look at the camera at the SAME time with a smile. Someone blinked, laughed or moved. lol

Aly, Syre & Sis

 I love him. He’s the closest thing I have to a child. My Syre-Boo…

Syre photo Syre.jpg
Syre Christopher at  5 or 6 months

16~ Windows of the Soul

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Now, come on…I’m the “Kween of Love” for goodness sakes. Of COURSE, I do. In my head and heart…love of all kinds are possible. The truth of love isn’t in the perfect scenario…it’s in the impossible and unexpected one.

I think people envision love at first sight as being some physical connection. That would be true in a basic and primal sense…but, I’ve been taught the spiritual and metaphysical parts of life and I know that when two kindred spirits lock eyes…they see past the shell and veneer. I believe their spirits do this soul dance and for a moment in time…they meet in the air, leaving their bodies and doing some cosmic swirl kiss that ends with them going back to their frames…touched by the other. A piece of the other left in the form of an impression.

Yea, I know…I’m hopeless, right?

Some naive, gullible, romantic who wishes upon stars and thinks of fairytales as the rule, not quite excepted. Nope. I’m a realist. I believe in all of the variables that come into play in a relationship. I believe that even if people fall at first glance…they don’t always stay in the abyss in some splendid love oblivion. Eventually, if they don’t make the proper sacrifices, seize their moments of happiness and commit in a timely fashion…that beginning connection can fade.

love at first sight,
is like
two kids,
whose room windows face the other…
kinda like
monica and quincy
always remembering
the moment that love
knocked on their window
in the midnight hour
needing a haven
…those star-crossed boos
hooked on the silent smiles
and private giggles
thrown in blinking awe…
it’s the moment
the eyes of one,
stare into the eyes of the other…
in the reflection
of the windows of their souls…

Okay, so what…I got a lil poetic. Fugg y’all. LOLOL

Dia Dieziseis~ Someone Or Something I Can DEFINITELY Live Without

Yo…I’m getting Blog Wasted, dude. LMAO …my ass was caught NAPPING in the middle of blogging. LOL

I mis-numbered my blog. I THOUGHT I did the topic for #16 but I only put the number…not the topic. *UGH* THAT is what I get for doing TWO different 30 day challenges. (One here…one on tumblr). ::sigh::

Okay, what can I DEFINITELY live without. Well, I don’t know that I want to say a person, because people come in and out for a purpose. If someone needs to revisit my life for confirmation, lessons, etc…I have to accept their place.

What I KNOW I can do without…is drama. Lies. Deception. Hurtfulness. I pray always for honest and true connections. That is all I can ask for, because whether or not I’m meant to have someone in my life…at least the conclusion was found in a true and forthcoming way. Nothing lost out of dishonesty and duplicity. 

Yea…that’s how I feel about it.

Dia Quince~ Something or Someone I Tried Living Without…

…because you’ve tried living without it.

::tapping chin with fake nail::
~searching mind~

I am trying really hard here. I don’t know what it is…is it Pepsi? I’ve DEFINITELY tried living without it and always find myself coming back to it. I’ve never TRIED living without cheese…so that’s a no. Sex? Well, I’ve done well so far…lol

Maybe it’s the Internet…I go away, but it just keeps calling me. LOL…but even that is sort of a necessity in this day and age. Everything, including job searches and daily life tasks are Internet-bound.

I wanna say LOVE…but, one…that’s corny. LOL B)…I’ve never tried living without it…because I AM love (okay…THAT was corny) LOL 

People who have gone (who although I may miss) can be hard to live without at first…but I manage. My cell? Hmmm…that lil mofo is like the best crack known to man. If I leave my phone behind for any reason, my mind scrambles and I think of all the people who may call in it’s absence…even the ones who may not have called in years. haha!

Well, I guess these things come as close as I’m gonna get…at least at 4:22am in the damn morning. I’m going to bed. I’ve got less than 3 1/2hrs to go before rise and shine.