Dia Quince~ Something or Someone I Tried Living Without…

…because you’ve tried living without it.

::tapping chin with fake nail::
~searching mind~

I am trying really hard here. I don’t know what it is…is it Pepsi? I’ve DEFINITELY tried living without it and always find myself coming back to it. I’ve never TRIED living without cheese…so that’s a no. Sex? Well, I’ve done well so far…lol

Maybe it’s the Internet…I go away, but it just keeps calling me. LOL…but even that is sort of a necessity in this day and age. Everything, including job searches and daily life tasks are Internet-bound.

I wanna say LOVE…but, one…that’s corny. LOL B)…I’ve never tried living without it…because I AM love (okay…THAT was corny) LOLĀ 

People who have gone (who although I may miss) can be hard to live without at first…but I manage. My cell? Hmmm…that lil mofo is like the best crack known to man. If I leave my phone behind for any reason, my mind scrambles and I think of all the people who may call in it’s absence…even the ones who may not have called in years. haha!

Well, I guess these things come as close as I’m gonna get…at least at 4:22am in the damn morning. I’m going to bed. I’ve got less than 3 1/2hrs to go before rise and shine.

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