A Blog…I think…

Here I am…

I didn’t forget to blog…well almost.

I ran a few errands with my mother today and wasn’t online much. Ideas for a blog are escaping me right now…even though I just got through telling someone that this challenge has been cathartic. However…some days it takes a deep dig down into my mind’s well to come up with something “I” deem worthy of posting.

I will say this…I could use a vacation. Now, to those who know me, know I don’t “work”…but, I don’t think a vacation has to necessarily mean getting away from a job. A vacation IS getting away from the norm of your life. The four walls, the same voices and faces, the same conversations, the same routine…

I am in love with water…so, yes…I’d love to be thisclose to a beach, listening to waves of water sing lullabies of fluidity.  Sea-scented air wisping through my hair and me, taking deep, full breaths and exhaling stress. I can hear it…you know…the sound of those CD’s that have sounds of the ocean and other natural environments. Except…it’s real…and constant.

Besides the surround sound calming of a beach…I’d love to be catered to. Have someone ask me every so often, what they can do for me. Ask me, “When would you like your massage, Kween?” “Would you care for a drink? A snack? To be tucked in?” lol

A week or so away, potentially with great company…just being in my skin and feeling the beauty that is normally buried beneath worries, and issues, and confinement of capacity by economy and responsibility to family and friends. ~sigh~

I guess, I blogged…:)


Island – Will Downing