Snapshot #3: Sweet

Photo of: Sweet

I LOVE me some Dunkin Donut’s coffee…

“Can I have a large coffee with nine sugars and milk?”

Yea, I said nine sugars. They have that SMALL ASS SPOON that probably is more like 4-5 sugars. LOL

I start my day with this coffee most days. That pic was taken while it was still nice and hot. Isn’t a gorgeous cafe au lait color? The color of old woman’s stockings? LMAO Or maybe the color of water…where a paintbrush with brown paint was dipped and swirled in?

I almost took a pic of my Sweet Baby Ray’s Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce…but this pic was more the speed of how my day went. Without this coffee…I would’ve been unduly unprepared for the bullshit that sat before me today. I won’t go into the details but let’s just say that by the time I left work…I was on the verge of tears and anger.

I WILL see this cup of coffee tomorrow, God willing that he wakes me up. I can’t imagine what waits for me tomorrow…but, I know that if I have this perfect cup of coffee…damn near the color of my skin (with no tan)…I’ll be just a LITTLE ahead of the game.

Soooo good…and sweet! 😉