30 Day Love Truth Challenge

Well, if you didn’t know by now…I’ve been participating in a 30 Day Erotic Truth Challenge over on Passion’s Fruit. So far, I’m on my 27th day which means in 3 more days…it’s finite! Having said that…the other day, my sistar Dee and I were talking. She mentioned how she was thoroughly enjoying the erotic challenge. Besides the very intimate and often interesting questions being asked…she admitted that it fueled her need to write. She said she wished there were another challenge to do, so that she could continue stretching and exercising her pen muscles.

Enter, me…Thee Kween *nodding royally* 😀

Being the chick I am…I love love. Not just romantic love, but LOVE. True human love, given to one another without condition and fears. I have NO issues with love…just people. lol

I decided, to be to a LOVE challenge, what Ms. Almond Joy was to an EROTIC one. I sat down and penned in less than 30 minutes…30 questions geared toward love. Beginning in about 3-4 days (giving all of the ladies a chance to wrap up their questions) …the Love Truth Challenge ala Kween.

My hope, is that within this challenge…there will be epiphanies and bright light bulbs popping off within each participant. When I did my FIRST truth challenge (click here), it was enlightening and helped me get through and over a few things. This erotic challenge is also showing me parts of myself. Those things that I didn’t consider or had skewed views of have definitely been presented to me in different ways from reading the blogs of 5 other women who have consistently and steadily kept up. (We excused 2 bloggers, Almond Joy and Diva Processor for trials and tragedies unforeseen).  You can catch up on those other wonderful ladies and their truths in links listed below.

I will create a banner for the challenge and once I post the list…the challenge is open to anyone who wants to join in. Pass it around, Join in…or just read what others are confessing. Either way…it’s going down. Soon!!

Stay tuned, Scopers! 🙂

Epiphanies and Musings by Afrodeezha

In My Thoughts by Mahogany Dymond

The Sun Room by Sundae Simpson

Drippin’ Budda by Lykebudda

M$Behavin’s Madness by LeeLee Ain’t MsBehavin

30 Days of Truth~ OMG, I’m STOKED!

OMG…I love stuff like this!!!! Just like when my boo boo Lala challenged me to 30 days of blogging, this gives me a chance to flex my blogging muskles *LOL* A friend who doesn’t blog emailed me this challenge and with bright-eyes and a not-so bushy tail…I’m in.

I get to blog everyday about a specific topic given and I HAVE to be honest. No veils, no filter, no beating around the bush. STRAIGHT truth! I don’t know if this is a tag thing, but I’m gonna say…if you want to do it, do it…but, I AM gonna drag a couple of people down with me…JOY *hehee* and my “bro-in-law” Curtis…I know both of these people are cool ass writers and I’d LOVE to see their truth. I WOULD ask God’ess but I know she gonna give me that side eye, like bish.boo.bye. LMAO

(I made my own banner because I wasn’t given one…so if whoever started this sees this…sowwy.) LOL

As for anyone else who gets the inkling to join in…feel free.

Here’s the list of 30 Truths:

Day 01 — Something you hate about yourself. 
Day 02 — Something you love about yourself
Day 03 — Something you have to forgive yourself for.
Day 04 — Something you have to forgive someone for.
Day 05 — Something you hope to do in your life.
Day 06 — Something you hope you never have to do.
Day 07 — Someone who has made your life worth living for.
Day 08 — Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.
Day 09 — Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.
Day 10 — Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.
Day 11 — Something people seem to compliment you the most on.
Day 12 — Something you never get compliments on.
Day 13 — A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)
Day 14 — A hero that has let you down. (letter)
Day 15 — Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living 
without it.
Day 16 — Someone or something you definitely could live without.
Day 17 — A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.
Day 18 — Your views on gay marriage.
Day 19 — What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?
Day 20 — Your views on drugs and alcohol.
Day 21 — (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?
Day 22 — Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.
Day 23 — Something you wish you had done in your life.
Day 24 — Make a play list to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)
Day 25 — The reason you believe you’re still alive today.
Day 26 — Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?
Day 27 — What’s the best thing going for you right now?
Day 28 — What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?
Day 29 — Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.
Day 30 — A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

Kween <—SO stoked! LOL 😛


YES!!! The 31st day of October means the LAST day of the National Blog Post Month Challenge. My baby girl, Lala or Kissyface, as I call her…asked me via Twitter to participate and I dragged in a few pals so I wouldn’t suffer alone. LMAO. I Kid…I kid. I am thankful for those who came along and put on their blogging drawlz. You all did your thing. I have to say…this was a VERY important month and Lala is like some kinda on-purpose-by-accident GENIUS. This month, two very important platforms were championed. Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness month came and is now gone, but the disease and the dilemmas of violence remain. There has been some really good stories concerning both on the blogs of those who came along on this ride with me. Please go take a peek at the list of lovelies who participated.

I will now say THANK YOU, ladies and gents for participating. I love you all. You made me proud. There were some days that NONE of us wanted to blog, but we pulled together and did it. What’s the purpose you say? We’ve shared our stories/testimonies, we’ve learned SO much about each other, we’ve gained connections (I see you guys out there following each other and holding each other down in the comments!), we’ve grown literally, LITERALLY…and we’ve expressed ourselves in a forum where we’ve been supported and applauded. 

MY JOY!! You did it!! I remember last year…you tried, but you didn’t get through it due to some unforeseen things going on. THIS year…in SPITE of what came at you, you caught bullets in your teeth and became this wonder-blogger that I’m SO proud of. Sis, I love you. Thanks for coming along.

DEE aka Afrodeezha! WOW. Your last blog had me in tears, and I shed a little as I write this. Your stories were motivational, real, well-rounded and inspiring. I learned more about you and cherish you dearly (as if I could love you more). Thank you for coming along…and dragging…

THUGROCKSTAR!!! You ROCK babe! You put it down over there. You’re FUNNY, witty, intelligent and damned consistent. You’re definitely a blog worth following and reading. I dig you man…I dig you…you buttery mothafucka! LMAO (I kid…please don’t beat me up. *mind wandering* okay…shaking off that vision) HAHA!!

GOD’ESS! ~ Woman…you were more prompt than  ME most days. LOL I wish I’d gotten the chance to read your blogs on 360, but we weren’t connected then. NOW that we are…I can honestly say this (and I’m not being biased). What YOU thought was short, considered “cheating” and may have thought you didn’t put your all in…beats out a LOT of folks’ blogs who do “put their all in” to their blogs and fail MISERABLY! Your posts were thoughtful, thought provoking, intimate and straight to the point. That is needed…especially in the day of the short attention span. I’m glad you are now blogging…I’m sure after a short siesta you’ll return…right? O_O lol…THANK you and LOVE you!

MY SUNDAE! You tried. LOL. It’s not easy, but you tried. I love that you did. I know you’re a woman about the world…superwoman with the prettiest locs flying in the wind, free-spirited aloft the city…so yea. LOL LOVE YOU STILL. (she still has some read-worthy blogs…go getchusum). Thanks, sis!

Last, but not la-la-least…Lala. Kissyface. Artsyface. The girl with the rocker look and the sweet girl voice. THANK YOU! Thanks for bringing me along and for inspiring this year AND last year’s challenge. You’ve helped me to cultivate my blogger skills by being able to write impromptu and without thinking twice. I’m soooo in my head when thinking up blog topics, but this challenge has helped me just remove the filter and say what I need to say. Thanks again, babe. Love you much! (Um, can you inform me the next time you pack your blog bags and move? Please and thanks in advance)

~phew~ I’m done, y’all…see you in a few days…or weeks. lol

*doing my end zone dance* GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!

The Truth of Trust

A few weekends ago I had a ball. A friend of a friend who is now my friend, flew in from Detroit. She’s been by association a cool person to e-know, but this particular weekend I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance. Diva, as she is known online came through to celebrate her birthday here in NY, so we (myself and our mutual friend) tried to make her feel as welcome as possible.

Between dinners, breakfast, drinks, the MAC store and picture taking…we had fun. What I liked the most was the ability for 3 totally different women with totally different backgrounds/upbringings…to be absolutely drama-free and trusting enough to forge a bond. Not only did I learn a lot about my new friend…I learned about myself as well. Nothing TOO bad *wink*…lol…just a reaffirming of some cool qualities that I wasn’t sure about before. YEP…even the kween has stumbled. *gasp…I KNOW right?* No, for real…people tend to get an image of me in their head as the good girl…and though it is majorly true…it’s not all I am. I try consciously everyday to be a better me. I try to be forthcoming and genuine in my relationships with others and pride myself on being honorable about intentions and behavior…yet I too, tend to walk a fine line of doing right and wrong. Talking to these two ladies (by the way, their names are Joy & Tracey)…made me realize that growing isn’t just about moving forward…but it’s about change. It’s about transformation based on experience and application which equals wisdom. To have a meeting of the minds with people and know that you’re being looked at for the person you are and not what they want you to be is a good feeling…and that feeling is amplified, when typical Internet horror stories are debunked and true friendships are formed over this thing affectionately called cyberspace. That weekend, we TRUSTED each other. Trust can be a hard thing to establish on the Internet.

I have had a few bad experiences. From people pretending to be someone they’re not (figuratively and literally), to back-biting, dramatic females who aim to maim my reputation and character (without success)…to a few dating debacles. YET…in the four ACTIVE years of my e-life…I’ve managed to get WAY more positivity out of this place than not.

I found a forum for my writings…which helped to relieve me of a longtime fear to share my works. I found some of the best friends in the world. I found love. I found my voice…and at the same time…I didn’t lose that thing about myself that a lot of people tend to lose interacting online…my humanity. The ladies and I discussed how we have often heard so many people refer to the Internet as nothing but a source of entertainment. That statement used to get on my nerves because regardless of how easily you may turn of your computer (if some of these folks ever do) these are PEOPLE on the other side. You’re bound to be affected by something you’ve read. I have bonded emotionally and spiritually with people I’ve met and some I haven’t…so, I know it to be true. The antiquated thinking, that Internet folks are crazy…is really a false sense of security. You can meet crazy face-to-face and never know it. I met crazy…and he never entered a chat room, social site or barely an email. I’ve met women, who have as much drama in their lives, if not more OFFLINE than anywhere else. The people online ARE the people offline…just hidden and more anonymous. Drama wearing screen names and danger wearing smiley faces. Remove the computer and you still have threats to your sanity, peace of mind and physical life. More than anything it’s about learning how to trust your judgment and remembering that you too are flawed and have layers. No one is ever one thing 100% of the time. We fluctuate between the best of ourselves and the demons we’re fighting against…but, what is the best feeling in the world aside from love…is knowing that you’ve learned enough about life to catch yourself on or offline…making better decisions when inviting people into your life. What is invaluable as an adult…is to know that you’ve learned to trust YOURSELF. I say it all of the time when speaking on trust, “The person who trusts no one cant be trusted. Someone who trusts no one, doesn’t trust their own judgment…and therefore would sacrifice other’s feelings and lives in order to protect self.”  I stick by that…if you don’t believe it…think on the person who betrayed you and ask yourself in retrospect how much that person REALLY opened up to YOU. How many things did you find out AFTER the fact as opposed to being within the relationship. How many times were you openly and/or passively accused of committing betrayals you hadn’t…you will see.

That weekend, I met someone new…and it is a standing confirmation of what I’ve known for two years now…trusting others is as important as trusting yourself. If you don’t…you’ll miss out on new and exciting adventures that await a person willing to transform by way of life’s experiences rather than be crippled by fears. I’d rather trust and be betrayed, than be alone in my fear to trust.

Thanks for the lovely weekend ladies!

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

I began talking to Ms Joyous (as I like to refer to her) over a year ago. We became friends through a mutual acquaintance and it just stuck. LOL

Truth is, the circumstances surrounding our friendship’s conception was hardly smooth or cordial. Sure, we were nice to each other. I thought she was sweet and her connection with our friend was cute to me…but some misunderstandings crept in that could’ve ended badly. She was always so sweet though, which is so funny, because the day I spoke to her on the phone I had no clue she was gonna be so……so……NEW YORK! LOL I knew she lived in the Bronx, but…well, I just expected something different. She was full of “Yo, son’s” and “Ya Heard May’s” and it was too funny. What’s even funnier is that she is from Alabama (can’t shake that state for THIT!) and I thought she might have a little twang…yea…RIGHT! lol

LAWD, lemme tell you…she’s a handful. In essence…we’re complete opposites. From our signs, she Cancer…me, Capricorn…to our nature. She’s a pessimist, I an optimist. She’s highly sexual…I’m more conservative. And THIS one…shocked me…she’s VERY sensitive and I, well…I’m sensitive as well…but, I more mental. *yall, better not touch that!*

SO, as our friendship burgeoned towards a sisterhood, we encountered some snafus but we made it out unscathed. Along the way, she brought Buttercup aka Celeste along for the ride and it was so cool that we decided to meet back in November 08. We missed a couple of dates, until we just couldn’t take it. At one point or another, Joy, Celeste and I were all going through emotional situations that we felt merited some sister love. So, on December 6th, 2008…I hopped on a Metro train and went to the Bronx. Joy met me at the train station and we clicked immediately (even though she accused me of being light-skinneded…which still has YET to be proved). We shot to her place, she made me breakfast and we waited for Celeste to show. We had a BALL. We had a GREAT time and that’s all I’m gonna say. *lmao*

This woman, whose love for hip hop isn’t rivaled by anyone I know is a piece of work. She’s a consummate Erykah Badu fan and lives by the music on her Ipod. She loves to blog and has a passion for make-up that is as strong as mine is for cooking. Give us $1000.00 and set us loose? She’ll go to MAC and Sephora…I’ll find Williams-Sonoma. We’re both lovers of the butterfly…but for different reasons (at least it began as such). Her motto is, “Change one thing…change everything” in reference to a theory and the movie, “Butterfly Effect”. I love butterflies, because although they’re gorgeous and can symbolize ANY one’s journey of growth. Together, we’ve hurt and cried…laughed and loved. We rarely miss IM sessions and try to touch base often on the phone (though she’s not a phone person…girl, gimme that BB) lol. This 5’7″ Alabama born beauty, has the most tender soul, which is covered by a harder shell (crab anyone?) and though she doesn’t know it…my helping her through her storms, helps me as well. She hard-headed as HEYELL…but, I still love her. lol

Since initially speaking over the phone, meeting at her house and us spending a couple of weekends together since…she’s surely become my sister. Now, don’t get me wrong…there are several tiers to sisterhood. There’s basic “we’re women” sisterhood. There’s “we’re strong black women” sisterhood. There’s “she cool as hell” sisterhood. There’s “we’re besties” sisterhood” and then there is “we couldn’t be closer if we had the same mama” sisterhood. I have a biological sister who is like my twin…and no one can replace her and no one tries…yet, there are a few ladies who I’d ride on a fool for in a HEARTBEAT! I can truly say, Joyous…is one of them.

Happy Birthday, Joyous One…

Love, Kiwi

**you can view her blog HERE! You can follow her on Twitter HERE**

Make Me Over

My girls and I met up the other weekend. We were SUPPOSED to get into some make up, but we got sidetracked with some drunkenness. LOL My sister and I have been in love with make up for a while. My sister has a professional make up brush set from Chanel among 2 other sets and we love make up from NARS, Cargo, MAC, and even the mainstream marketers like Loreal and Revlon. We love colorful stuff and like to switch up looks, but I haven’t been wearing much make up lately. So, I’m excited to get back into the girly stuff.

I’m kind of hoping that my artistic flair for colors and drawing will branch off into some really cool looks for me and the girls. The weekend after my birthday (1-10-09) we’re supposed to meet in NJ for a slumber party. I haven’t had one of those in a while. The hostess, Ms Curvy Queen herself is having a Mary Kay party and we’re to extend it into a girls’ night. Soooo, I’ve been looking for cool sites that talk about make up (especially eye shadow) and give us a few ideas.

So far, I’ve landed on a couple of sites that I found through my friend’s site. [FUNG’KE] [BLAK] [CHIK] There, I found two sites (so far) which seem really cool. Pumps and Gloss and Clumps of Mascara. I’m still reading through the blogs, so who knows what cool stuff I’ll learn. I’ve also began following diva on a dime. Butterfly Effect (or BE as we call her) has been watching video tutorials on Youtube for application. We’re gonna help our butterfly sister, Curvy find her make up swagger. MY swagger is about to get SICKER (b/c it’s already pretty sick) LOL

I’ll be sure to chronicle the hotness that is Keys/Kiwi 😉

Kween Curvy Effect~The Weekend

Originally, we were supposed to meet up on the 12th of November, then it was the 22nd…because things kept happening. Life happens and things need to be prioritized accordingly. When we decided on the 6th of December, I was happy that we’d finally get to hang out. See, in the beginning…we just wanted to hook up and meet the people with whom we spoke to on a regular basis. No need for this to stay an “Internet Friendship” when we all lived in close enough proximity to see one another. Then, one person needed comfort…felt it would be a good way to give that support needed. Then the focus shifted onto another…and finally to me. I needed this like a booga wolf needs a shave. So, it was on. (Even though it almost got shifted to next week ONLY and I would’ve had to wait another weekend…THAT I wasn’t having! BRING YO ASSES)

I got up early, went to the train station about 10 to 8 in the morning. Got my round trip ticket for $11 from Peekskill to Bronx and waited. I almost got turned around at the transfer point, because they changed it, which changed the track I was supposed to be on. BE was like, “Do NOT get on the wrong train, I will be mad @ you Kiwi!” LOL Got on the train and before long I was in the Bronx. As SOON as I exited the train, I saw BE way down the platform waving and smiling! There should of been fields of flowers and a slo mo cam, so we could run to each other and hug. *LOL* Do you know the 1st thing she said to me? “Damn, Kiwi…you’re lighter than I thought you’d be!” Yep…that’s BE! We went to the street, nabbed a cab and got to her house…there, I met Albert/Bastum the cat.

BE made me breakfast. I had bacon, hash browns, eggs and coffee. We sat and talked, being entertained by some comedy and just got used to “seeing” the person we’d been chatting with for months.

Finally, Curvy Queen got there. She is too cute. Now, check it. BE is a diva. Chick was in the kitchen handling stuff all prissy (2 finger like). She’s got the HOT ass natural curly fro and she’s just a doll. Curvy is like a baby. She’s got the baby face, the baby voice and yea…she acts like one too. Curvy’s fave phrase? “Uh uuuh” *lol* BOTH of these chicks would NOT let the cat touch them. He got shooed, nudged with feet, looked @ funny! Poor Bastum. But, I digress. Once Ms CQ entered the building, we turned around and walked a block down to the liquor store. I flirted with a few people, including engaging in a staring contest with a dude walking past us. WHAT? He was staring so I returned the glare. I ended up choosing Disaronno & Sour mix for Amaretto Sours. (My Parrot Bay Pineapple Rum was unavailable) We stopped by Mickey D’s where I flirted, CQ harassed the register boy and his equipment and BE shook her head. *hehe*

We got into the house, changed clothes to lounge wear…and then ate. We talked some more and then relaxed. **DING DONG** Who da? What the? SAMURAI SOUL (BE’s baby boo) enters the building. *the crowd roars* Enter…the only man of the party. Well, time to mix the drinks. Hmmm, if I made 4 1/2 medium sized cups of drink…I drank 3. Hence the slanted eye in the pics. From there on, we were just enjoying the evening. I think the ladies were shocked at how much of a nut I am…but, they know now. I had a weak moment of tears and anger, but everyone…including BE’s baby boo, hugged me and made me feel good.

The next morning Curvy went home for church, and BE and I got dressed and headed to IHOP. Some dude flirted with me. He said to his friend, “She’s fine…” then says to me, “You’re so pretty with your butterfly earrings!” He then went to introducing himself and smiling at me the whole time. I turned pink. I guess BE thinks she cant take me NO damn where! LMAO I had to hide behind BE to keep that cat from staring a hole in my forehead. We finally ate and then went back to her place. I said goodbye to Albert/Bastum and we went to the train, but not before running to the 99cent store to pick up the TV tray I saw BE using for her laptop. We took a pic @ the station and then I got my happy ass on the train to Peekskill.

I had a wonderful time. BE was a BEAUTIFUL hostess and I enjoyed seeing her and Curvy and Samurai for the 1st time. It was so nice, we gone do it twice…next weekend!

**By the By…BE stands for Butterfly Effect and CQ stands for Curvy Queen. Gubment names were concealed to protect the not-so-innocent and the paranoid (*QQn @ CQ) LOL