NOW What?

Now what?…

It’s the question that often follows a litany of things that need doing, saying, changing…NOW what?

ANY one can form a list of to-do’s. Anyone can learn the knowledge, break down the truths and falsehoods…expose the intentions of something. Once that is accomplished…NOW what?

I told my sis, Maria…I don’t do all of the political, scientific, religious debates with folks. Not because I don’t have the mental cup o’noodles to slosh around in an argument with my peers…but because I hate all of that back and forth only to rest on the laurels of having proved my point. Is THAT the win? The point has been proven? I’m RIGHT…I’m the champion of the ole “say-n-sway”…so, I’m the HBIC (head brain in charge)? 

~waving hand in disregard~


It bores me to tears to go back and forth in civil debate about something that stays the same, but just changes places and players. What they’re doing to Obama, they did to Clinton (ironically both were elected behind a Bush)…but yea. After the initial screwing up of two terms of presidency…when the man came behind and tried to make right the wrongs of the Dumbfuck Family…he was criticized non-stop for not doing so in a timely fashion. Remember…you can fuck up in 10secs and it’ll take 10hrs to clean it up. Multiply that by days and years and it could go on and on.

Anyway…I hate having the almighty discussion of what’s wrong and no one is rolling up their sleeves on a daily basis and getting into the sludge of it. If you’re just good at running your mouth and you’re not affecting change by BEING the change…kindly STFU. Really. Or else you’re just a mouth running. Someone who enjoys being lauded for their lofty ideals and nifty ability to form a sentence.

If your platform is teens…find a community center or a school to do fairs and such at.

If your platform is AIDS awareness…find you a clinic or a hospital. Do some volunteering.

If you’re a politico…well throw your ass into the lion’s pit. Run for something. Start out as an alderman and work your way up to senate. DO SOMETHING.

As for me…I’m just fine, writing my poetry and blogs. Touching folks that I meet daily…doing God’s work in small but effective blessings. I don’t want to talk about it…I want to know that my life matters. I don’t want to brag it…I want to exhale at feeling as if I’ve brought something beautiful to someone’s life.

I do indeed respect the many people who blog daily and touch on the current events of the world…making them relate-able and palatable for our community and people. I just wish that SOME of those very folks didn’t use the world’s events as a deflector away from the life they are miserable in. Or as a way to be superior intellectually and not have much else to round out their personality. Your entire essence can NOT be of an aggressive, angry, political, adversarial kind. I’d love to read or hear more of a person’s life and see that they too have vulnerabilities.

Anyway…this became a rant out of nowhere. Perhaps the sick Kween needs to go lie her ass down somewhere and come back a less cranky blogger. lmao

*post accomplished* 🙂