Writer’s Block…weighing down My Muse

Lately, I’ve been in a slump. I can write a blog speaking my immediate emotions or thoughts, but I cant seem to get right with the creative part of me. I have an erotic story that needs finishing. A format for my poetry book that needs completion. I need to finish the NOVEL I started writing 2yrs ago…and even a simple poem is taking me days instead of the minutes I usually churn them out in.

One moment, I had inspiration coming out of the ass…and now, I am not even inspired to thoroughly READ my own stuff. I have to figure out what’s weighing me down. What is it that is making me feel thwarted from my original writing goals. I have a lot on my mind. Some things are happy things. Pleasurable thought. Anticipation of good things to come. Some are burdening thoughts of daily chore. Issues that I’ve been dealing with for a LONG time. Some are just nagging chatterbox issues that surface from time to time. Probably little things that mean nothing but sometimes get front stage in my mind. I have got to prioritize. It is of the utmost importance that I start thinking of life on an urgent basis. To stop thinking that what I need will come to me or happen for me…just because I pray and go to God with my worries. I trust Him to bring me out…but faith without work…yea!

I think the key to things is letting a lot of things go that have no place in my life. Learning to really get a grip on what I WANT vs what I NEED! Thinking my life through and figuring out what is real and what is not. What is fantasy and delusions and what is concrete and substance. I have a lot to figure. I just do. I am praying that I am given the ability to see what it is that needs to get done and have the strength and fortitude to apply the results of my pondering. Peace!