Internet Intentions

This thing we’re on…this forum we’re in…it’s the Internet. Oh, you didn’t know…well, lemme show you around. We have Internet shopping for the person who is addicted to shopping without the fuss and muss of being in a store or on a line. We have Internet School, for those who find it more convenient to get their education online and out of life’s way. Oh, over HERE, we have Internet games…they’re addictive, so steer clear if you have too much idle time. There are social sites for young people and older people. Some juvenile, some jazzy and mature (like Luvy’s Lounge) and some are just hotbeds for drama and ignorance. Watch out for stalkers and those waiting to scam you for whatever is in your bank account. *phew*

So, now that you’re acquainted…let’s take you back to the social sites. The sites meant to help connect people in this technological world, where everything is fast-paced and microwave. A lot of these sites generate cool connections for people who haven’t been afforded opportunities to mingle in their areas. Some of these people are socially stunted and don’t know HOW to mingle. Some prefer computers to people period…well, they too are socially stunted. Nonetheless, we are all here for SOMETHING. I’ve learned the hard way that people are not always who they claim to be and that you have to be careful who you give away your info to. Not everyone is here for the sake of peaceful and beautiful connections.

Now, these sites are and can be responsible for bringing together two people who may have never met otherwise. So many people date in their areas and come up empty-handed after dating and dating and dating. Finding love online has become as common as going to a club and buying someone a drink. Unfortunately, not everyone online is interested in participating in an adult exchange of honest intentions. Some people use it to gather booty calls and long distance “pen pals”. Men and women, using each other as ways to pass the time, to not feel lonely or to use for one thing or another. I think its deplorable that a person would tell another how much they mean to them, how special they are, how they want to live the rest of their life with that person only to be optioning out to other females/males in the same forum. Pitting folk against one another so that they don’t ever come together and figure the scam out…that they’re one of many. With so many men AND women empowered to freely have sex without commitment and strings attached, one wonders why they don’t all find each other and commence to doing what it is whores do. Why drag an innocent person into your games? Why lie to someone and toy with their heart, for your own personal gain?

So many guys and girls have strung people along and made them think love was on the horizon…only to back off the closer it became a reality. That is so weak…and it is so unfair to the person who has put their heart on the line for love. People REALLY need to be more careful…you never know whose life you may be destroying. Everyone isn’t detached from emotion like the pimp-like individual perpetrating a fraud.

I would hope that as adults, we begin to behave more as they would expect someone to treat them…and not oblivious to the feelings of others. If you want to be friends or more…that should be what is displayed and offered.

What are YOUR Internet Intentions?