Word 10: Book


           Tara walked hurriedly through the crowd…multi-tasking her way to her destination. She toggled between glances at her phone, rummaging through her purse, and looking back to make sure the bus wouldn’t leave her. Tara was petite in stature, which kept her line of sight at best…right at most people’s shoulders. The pedestrians bustling in the opposite direction of her seemed extra tall today. “I can’t be late…geez, move it people!” she mumbled. She’d receive a shoulder bump here, a duck and dodge there…making her feel like a lab mouse in a maze. Finally, as she was clearing the sea of city-goers…Tara bumped directly into a brick wall. Not an actual brick wall, but he felt like one. He was freakishly tall and very stoic in his expression. His build was medium but he had the face of a large man. His eyes seemed larger than normal as well.  Dressed like a businessman except for a large Stetson, he seemed to fit in. He smashed the book into her chest swiftly and roughly saying, “Take this…go…NOW!” Tara said, “I don’t want it…HEL…” she began to summoning help, but he commanded her mouth closed with his hand gently at her jugular. “I will not hurt you…but, those seeking the book will. Keep going straight, a cab will stop at the corner, get in, say nothing…you will be driven somewhere safely. DO NOT OPEN THE BOOK!!” he ordered. He stepped to his left and walked away. When she turned around, Tara saw him slip between two people and  he became lost as quickly as he’d appeared. She turned back around and walked to the corner. The cab stopped, she got in, she said nothing and the driver took off. He didn’t even attempt to make eye contact through the rear view mirror. Tara looked down at the book, a forest green tome, thick with at least 800 pages and covered in moss with a symbol of a brass owl on the front. Tara did the one thing she wasn’t supposed to…she opened the book. The cab shook violently, lit up like the sun, rose from the pavement and twirled clockwise over and over. The cab driver and Tara disappeared from the city’s street. Two blocks down…around a corner and behind a building…the tall cowboy felt her open the book and uttered, “salvum me fac!”…then disintegrated into silver dust…

Charmed…I’m sure!

Yes, the title was corny…but it’s all I have damn it! LOL I’m so bored, I figured I’d bore you some more with one of my favorite shows…Charmed.

I was watching the Charmed series finale for like the 4th or 5th time…and I truly can’t get enough. I KNOW what the hell is gonna happen, but I know I’m gonna duck and bob and weave when the fireballs and orbs start flying. (Yea, that’s Charmed jargon…don’t try to get it if you never watched)

I fell in love with this show when it first aired on Fox 5 in 1998. It began with the three Halliwell sisters, Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). I loved Shannen (with her rogue ass) since Beverly Hills 90210 and as far back as Little House on the Prairie. For some reason that chick can’t stay with a show. She always clashes with her cast and ends up bouncing. Yet, when Aaron Spelling made this show…he thought of his girl. When Prue died…maaaan, I just KNEW it was the end of this show. I cried and whatnot like that chick didn’t get up off the floor when they yelled “CUT!”. LOL

I remember Holly Marie Combs in “Love’s Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder” a Lifetime movie. (We know how THOSE go). Of course, Alyssa Milano was Samantha in “Who’s the Boss” and the object of many crushes. My own ex, loved her. She was also the prototype for “The Little Mermaid”. She played in one of three “Long Island Lolita” stories. One for each network! O_o 

Can you tell I’m a fan of TV and movies? LOL

Anyway, I have been touched so many times by the story lines. They’ve dealt with inner struggles such as love and relationships, family, and I of course boo-hooed through most of it. When Prue died, they replaced her with Rose McGowan (Marilyn Manson’s ex-fiancee) and I was only pleased because my show continued. Rose is known for movies like, Grindhouse (with her gun leg, lmao), Devil in the Flesh, Scream and one of my faves, Jawbreaker. It’s the consummate “Mean Girls” movie. It took a little time for me to take to her…but, soon I was loving Paige, like the other sisters.

I guess the draw is that at least ONCE, most folks have wished they had special powers. If I could freeze and blow folks up like Piper…well, I’d be dangerous…duh. lol. Pheobe’s inactive powers of premonition and empathy aren’t too shabby either. (Even though a few friends will say I’ve got both already) O_O. Paige, the product of her witch mom and whitelighter (angel) father…can orb (transport herself with small orbs of light) and has powers to move things with her mind. (The same power Prue had). Anyway…I watch this show like clockwork on weekdays at 6 and 7pm EST on the WE channel. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I continue to get swept up in the action and the drama. I love when they win…which is all of the time…except when Prue died, but still…they kick demon ass! lol

Basically, I’m a Charmed Crackhead. I have a new Charmed Crackhead in my girl Caprice. We both were jamming to the theme. Something about that damn guitar and beat and…man, it’s sick. 

I need to get the box set of the entire series…yep. I’m taking gifts for Christmas and my birthday is in January. Feel FREE to hook a sista up! 🙂

I am the sun/son and the air/heir…I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else…does” OW!