The Fourth Day…

I hate this picture. The HELL did I have on?

…a day in high school

High School for me was a crazy declining of my GPA and scholastic aptitude and a speedily incline of emotional turmoil and drama.

I went from bad grades to worse, falling asleep in class incessantly without explanation (now diagnosed as Narcolepsy) and feeling insecure about that, my weight and having to answer to my mom and family for the never school issues. One which was my behavior.

I pretty much left folks alone, because I didn’t like to fight. I’d try and “reason” with folks because I didn’t want to get in trouble and I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of some of the brutal things I’d heard (sliced faces, acid thrown, face stomping). Shit was real in Mt. Vernon. LOL

On THIS particular day…shit was TOTALLY unnecessary. I was sitting in math class…I hated math, so I ALREADY had a damn attitude. This guy who lived in the PJ’s with me, but in a different building was ALWAYS bothering me. Chris…that was his name. He was an ASSHOLE!!

The period he’d pick at me. Say something smart. Push his desk in to mine. We were sitting in a group of four with our desks pushed two facing two. His dumb ass was facing mine. I couldn’t stand this ass. If it wasn’t that he would push my notebook around with is pencil as I wrote. CHILE…I LOST IT!

I jumped up and screamed for him to QUIT FUCKING WITH ME! He laughed. This only made me madder. I chased his monkey ass around the room. He ran behind the teacher’s desk (as she yelled for me to stop). It was catercorner so I pushed this big metal desk into the wall until he had to jump from behind it and over it. I tried to grab him, he was too fast…so, I picked up a desk and hurled it at him. Then the chair. Finally, a hall monitor came in and calmed me down. I got escorted out and sent to my division’s principal. (The school was broken up into Divisions A, B, C and D…can’t remember it there was an E). I was in Division C. My principal liked me. He said, “Kali, why let this knucklehead upset you? Now, we have to call your mother…”

I didn’t care. I swear…I was scared WITLESS and SHITLESS of my mother, but in that moment I felt like FUCK it. His ass is mine. LOL

I go home, inform Mom and she eventually tries to understand my view. She just said she wished I didn’t have such a temper. So the next day, Mom comes to school and the craziest thing happens. She gets to the class and sees this dude and the first thing she asks? “You have a crush on my daughter, don’t you?”

::GASPS:: WHAT THE?? MOOOOOOM NOOOO!! He’s ugh and ewwww mom, NO! LOL

He smiles…

What’chu smiling for fool?

She said, “Mmm hmmm…he likes you Kali. That’s why he bothers you. You don’t even realize it. Boy, leave my daughter alone. She will never like you if you act a fool. Both of you need to get it together. Don’t make me come back here!”

He says, “Yes ma’am”

The class laughs…I’m like -_-

Yea…he didn’t bother me anymore…but, I changed my seat and counted the days to be done with that class.

I know…I stay fighting boys who like me. At least it’s not the story of the guy who hit me in the head with a frozen Snickers on a bus and then I waited to get off so I could cut him with a cracked Pepsi bottle…chasing him down the street. Nah…at least it’s not that story. LOL

Pulling Pigtails

I love Love & Basketball. As I sit here watching it for the umpteenth time, I laugh at the opening scene. Young Monica shows up on the court wanting to play with the boys. They’re not sure at first if she’s a guy or a girl until they allow her to play and she removes her hat to reveal long hair. They’re not impressed until she kicks their asses in 2 on 2 b-ball! He gets so riled up that he pushes her down, hurting her. She from then on rocks a scar on her face…almost as a badge of honor that she whooped his ass! HA!

`Made me wonder…how long does this behavior continue? How old do you get before it’s unacceptable to beat a girl up because you like her? Well, you know…not BEAT her ass…but, treat her like you don’t care about her out of pride or fear of rejection. Even when the two characters grow up from 11 to seniors in HS, the boy still shrugs her off like she’s not good enough. Possibly it was her tomboy persona…but, mostly it seemed like it was the fact that she was better at ball than HE was. It took ole girl, coming to the dance with a FINE ASS college dude (played my play husband, Boris Kodjoe) for him to even notice her. All of a sudden, he was interested. *rolling eyes so hard I see Noah working on the ark*

`What pissed me off about this movie was when they were in college…he went through some drama concerning his parents and expected for her to sacrifice her chances at starting…which could take away her dreams…all so he could say she was “there” for him. Then because he was angry, instead of telling her how he felt…he asked another chick out on a date. Oh wait, he even asked his HER to come along! WTF? Aw hell naw…WHAT THE FLYING AIR BALL? So they broke up and spent 5yrs apart out of his assholishness. AND, when they DID reunite…it’s because SHE fought for them (in a game of 1 on 1 of course).

`What is it about boys…then some men who are too prideful to show how they really feel about a woman? Or perhaps its that some boys didn’t become men at all. Either way, I think its interesting that games are still being played way past adolescence into pseudo adulthood. But, alls fair in Love & Basketball, right? Riiiiight…